A sword that can be made out of knex.
Quite strong, very manoeuvrable and can be built with one of two heads.
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Step 1: The Blade

Picture of The Blade
Sword 003.jpg
The blade is made up of many modular pieces.

The blade I have made is eight modules long but longer blades can be made by connecting more modules.

Step 2: Heads

Two heads can be made to fit on the blade.

The first one will make the sword a crescent shape and the second will make it a straight sword.

Head 1: Starts from picture 1
Add a silver rod and one full circle on each side of the head till it looks like picture 2 and 3 of this step.

Head 2: Starts from picture 4
Add a silver rod and one half circle on each side of the head till it looks like picture 5.

Step 3: Connecting the head

Picture of Connecting the head
Sword 008.jpg
Connect the head of your choice to the blade of the sword.

Connecting Head 1 should look like picture 1.
Connecting Head 2 should look like picture 2.

Step 4: Reinforcing the blade

You need to make the two pieces shown in picture 1.

I have chosen head 1 to make the rest of the sword with.
If you chose head 2 you just need to connect the parts to the half circles in the same way as the full circles.

Step 5: Making the handle

For the handle you will need two black circles connected as shown below by four green rods, three grey rods and two black rods.

Picture 2 shows the basic frame to connect the blade to the handle but the sword cannot be put together yet.

Picture 3: two blue rods and one silver rod must be added into the places shown.

Picture 4: the frame has been turned over and a full circle, a quarter circle and a half circle added in the positions shown on each side. After they are in place, secure them with rods.

Picture 5: two more half circles need to be added.
squiddy4123 years ago
I made a mod the is 6 pieces, but really improves strength.
i made 1 but the blade seem to sway from side to side easily. can you post a mod to this correcting the problem?
davidturner666 (author)  Cybeast-Ichigo6 years ago
I made a new one - the blade is stronger and lighter, but the handle still is weak
davidturner666 (author)  Cybeast-Ichigo6 years ago
I tried to fix the swaying as best i could. The best i have managed so far- was the reinforcement shown above. I am now remaking the sword to make it stronger- including the handle as well
the pictures arent really clear so...2/5
pls6 years ago
Looks cool:)
davidturner666 (author)  pls6 years ago
Thank you- i have two of them which i am duel wielding.
:o sounds scary..