Introduction: Knex Tavor TAR-21 Instructable

Picture of Knex Tavor TAR-21 Instructable

I have rebuilt, and styled to look like a famas with much better range. See my video.

Ture trigger
Bolt action
ranges: acurate up to 5 feet =(

if you have any problems contact me

Step 1: Middle Section

Picture of Middle Section

sorry for confusing steps

Step 2: Rear Half and Internals (part 1)

Picture of Rear Half and Internals (part 1)

Read the yellows
you need some E-tape

continued next step

Step 3: Rear Half and Internals Part 2

Picture of Rear Half and Internals Part 2

still need e-tape

Step 4: Front Half

Picture of Front Half

Step 5: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

Step 6: Mag

Picture of Mag


Step 7: Rubber Banding and Firing

Picture of Rubber Banding and Firing

firing steps
1 pull back bolt handle
2 let spring forward
3 pull trigger

inserting mag
1 load mag and lock pusher
2 insert into gun
3 remove lock
4 fire


knexguy (author)2009-01-22

Interesting concept. In K'nex I don't think there is much future in bullpup configurations though.

Sharir1701 (author)knexguy2011-12-27

Omg... Check out my m17s or SABR... FAIL

knexguy (author)Sharir17012012-02-06

You realise this comment was almost two years before yours, right? Besides, I'll agree I was wrong here, I made a couple of my own bullpup rifles and they turned out as a couple of the highest rated on the site.

Sharir1701 (author)knexguy2012-02-07

k. yeah... i guess i didn't really check the date of the comment. it was just the latest comment, so i assumed it was recent. never mind, though.

The Jamalam (author)knexguy2010-01-21


Dawson.J (author)2010-09-06


MotaBoi (author)2010-04-22

 ahahahaha this made my day!   thanks for the laugh :P

J4mm3r5 (author)2009-05-30

MInd if I use the mech (as in mag behind handle) for a FAMAS???

J4mm3r5 (author)J4mm3r52009-05-30

like this:

ILIKEPIE333 (author)J4mm3r52009-06-20

those are now an option for a weapon in CoD: MW 2

J4mm3r5 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-06-24

?? A FAMAS ??

ILIKEPIE333 (author)J4mm3r52009-06-28

yep, if you check out the interviews and the new video trailer (at the end it is used)
they have so many weapons, I think its around 32, but they are all differently customized based on custom weapons that are favored by real soldiers

J Moneyman (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-09-30
check it out.

SonicX 22 (author)J Moneyman2010-02-21

i have that game and allready beat single player

J Moneyman (author)SonicX 222010-02-26

wierd... me too! cool. don't u like the ending?

SonicX 22 (author)J Moneyman2010-02-26

 yep i've seen it before

J4mm3r5 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-07-03

Yeah I know now, my m8 told me and I can't wait either (btw my Knex version failed (unhappy face))

ILIKEPIE333 (author)J4mm3r52009-07-06


J4mm3r5 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-07-07

I know :( O well the MP7 is easier so might work (crosses fingers)

ILIKEPIE333 (author)J4mm3r52009-07-07

(crosses fingers too)

J4mm3r5 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-07-08

Haven't started yet....printer out of ink......stupid canon PIXMA MX310

ILIKEPIE333 (author)J4mm3r52009-07-08


maxxxem (author)J4mm3r52009-05-30

you can use what ever you want. tell me when its finished.

J4mm3r5 (author)maxxxem2009-05-31

Ok, I might use ure trigger cos I cant think of my own, I'll give u credit

J4mm3r5 (author)J4mm3r52009-05-30

Actually, I'll make up my own mech

TigerNod (author)2009-11-09

I'll be honest with you... And sorry to say it but this is a piece of ****. If the effective range is only 5 feet, there is no point in firing a projectile anymore.

Anyway, keep working on it, I think this can be good as long as put some work on it.

maxxxem (author)TigerNod2009-11-09

I have already fixed the problem look at my Famas video

J Moneyman (author)2009-09-30


stopanator (author)2009-08-22

his gun looks like a famas

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-05-09

you could fill out the front and add a better handle, but good job

beameron (author)2009-04-22

It`s old i allready builded something like this back in 2005 xD

SonicX 22 (author)2009-04-16

THIS IS AWSOME i never seen a magazine that attaches from the stock 5*

DrWeird117 (author)2009-01-29

What's a tatican rail?

ILIKEPIE333 (author)DrWeird1172009-02-19

I think he means "'tactical"'

DrWeird117 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-02-19

Yeah. Just being mea--I mean funny.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-01

what does mea- mean?

DrWeird117 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-01

I stopped saying "mean" before I finished it.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-01

it was rhetorical sarcasm

DrWeird117 (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-01


ILIKEPIE333 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-02


maxxxem (author)DrWeird1172009-01-29

tatical thx

DrWeird117 (author)maxxxem2009-02-19

No problem. : )

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2009-02-13

just made and it good but u need more green rods

yes, it good, oog it very good

i know

pls (author)2009-01-21

Not to bad, It resembles the picture for the most part;)

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