Knex Terminator, True Trigger 1st Gen.





Introduction: Knex Terminator, True Trigger 1st Gen.

About: My name's Ryan Roberts and I'm from rural southern Minnesota on a farm. I like to tinker around with electrical stuff and motorized equipment. I also enjoy building stuff.

This my knex assault rifle I built.

It is mostly my own design, although I would like to give credit to Jamalam, as he and I both coincidentally came up with the same slider mechanism shown on page 3.

It has what is referred to as a 'true trigger', by which I mean a trigger design which holds back the firing pin/bolt rather than blocking the ammo, which would pose a decrease in firing momentum. My design allows for momentum to build up in the firing pin before striking the ammo.

Quite a bit of trial and error put into the designing of this weapon.

Step 1: Barrel

Just build everything as shown, you need alot of gray/blue spacers.

Note: 3 little blue spacers = 1 bigger gray spacer.

Step 2: Handle/trigger Assembly.

It's a bit tricky, but I tried to make it as thorough as possible.

Sorry for any blurriness, I forgot to switch to the close-up focus feature for some of the photos.

Step 3: Firing Pin Construct

Build the firing pin.

Step 4: Clip/Magazine

Here you will make the magazine. Mind you, it's not exactly interchangeable.... yet.

Step 5: Stock

The last part is the stock.

Step 6: And That's It, Have Fun.

A few tips:

+When pulling back the firing pin to reload, do it quickly, as slow movement will sometimes cause it to jam up.

+Put no more than 6 or so blue rods in the mag at a time.

+You'll have to experiment with different rubberbands on the firing pin. I've found that two to three work best, but the size will matter too.



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    Well, I'm sorry that you think that, but I've hardly so much as peeked at anyone else's ideas. And what do you mean 'slider idea'? I can't give you credit because, honestly, I've never looked at your (or anybody else's) design. It's just coincidence I guess. Sorry.

    The slider from the stock for the firing pin guide or whatever you want to call it. give me credit

    Well I know what you're talking about now, but I'm afraid I can't give you credit, because (if you had read my previous reply) I didn't take your design. I just happened to think up the same one (which isn't that hard to believe), it's pretty basic.

    You can't prove that, just give me credit for that and have done with it.

    Listen. I tried to be nice. I tried to say I was sorry, but you persisted, so: Just drop it. I'm not going give you credit because I know I didn't take your design. And like I said, it was pretty basic... anyone could've done it... And I wouldn't worry about people knowing that you (also) came up with a simple design: You've used up quite a bit of commenting space here, so everyone can clearly see that you're a vain, ignorant, self centered individual who has nothing better to do with his time than waste it away carrying out long, pointless, and rather pitiful debates over who came up with (sarcasm implied) such a "unique" design first. Even when it is clear that we both came across it by coincidence

    SHUT UP AND GIVE HIM CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that last comment was mean, so i also think you should apoligize

    Plagiarizing could get you in bad trouble, fast. Now I suggest we leave the argument the way it was a year ago: DEAD.

    Woaaa! Hold on there...
    If you would continue reading you'll find that this argument was settled... quite a while ago in fact.

    So (not to be mean, of course), I think that it is you who needs to SHUT UP.