Knex Thompson M1


Introduction: Knex Thompson M1

About: My name is Miles "Tails" Prower, but on YouTube you can sadly not edit your name. I like Knex guns, and I also love my ordered All Terrain Trekker Knex motors! Everyone wants that motor and I got one 3 days ...

K'NEX Thompson M1, by Miles "Tails" Prower That is my new K'NEX gun. It is very simple to build so an Instructable won't take that long to make. (BTW: Sorry for the minigun, I'm busy right now) And uhh, it is powerful, good looking, and has a true trigger. With only 1 rubberband it can pierce a box (Sadly not clean trough). Well uhh, enjoy!



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     i agree with tiger nod hes the best at making gunslol

    im not the one to be mean but come on go big or go home sony444444

    Weird, you have 931 views but only ten people have posted a comment.

    i got 131 views in one day for my back in black ible

    wow, thats insane1

    Not your best creation, but still a simple powerful and cool gun.

    Sorry, I'm not impressed.

    hmm i dont like it cuz it dot looks like a thompson...and the mag is there for...nothing.

    I was not banned ever on a website. And if it would be, why then? I didn't post any spam, or have an abusive avatar, so you must be mistaken.

    I thought you were double posting of someone was on the same topic

    Yes, he was banned. Double posting just under where Mepain nearly banned another person for double posting. People need to realize that double posting is bannable almost anywhere except for here because you can edit your posts almost anywhere except for here.

    I was posting a reply to the topic and then replied to another comment on the topic. I didnt know I was double-posting.

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