Introduction: Knex Tip Over Target

This is a target that I made to shoot at. It tips over when you hit it.

The second pic is of all of the pieces you will need.

I would like comments because this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Base

Pic 1. Here are the pieces you will need for this step
Pic 2. Put it together like this
Pic 3. Then add this

Step 2: Top Connectors

I don't know what to call them, but they connect the bottom to the top.

Pic 1. The pieces you will need for this step

Snap the orange pieces on the white pieces in between the yellows, as in pic 2.

Pic 2. Put it together like this

Step 3: Top

Pic 1. The pieces you will need for this step
Pic 2. Put it together like this

Step 4: Final Touches

Here is how you put it all together

Pic 1. Pieces you need for this step

Put the top on top of the top connectors, and snap it into place. This might take a little while. It took me ten minutes to get this last part snapped in, and I had the knex marks on my fingers for a few days!

Finished product should look like pic 2.

And there you have it! Don't forget to leave comments.


inergy made it! (author)2011-02-25

I would rather just use a knex piece.

An Villain made it! (author)2009-05-03

it is a good magazine if you add y clips to it

blackandwhitejoker made it! (author)blackandwhitejoker2009-11-16

 Exactly what I was thinking!

An Villain made it! (author)An Villain2009-11-17


alfpwns made it! (author)2008-12-28

2.5*S 1. not he best 2THere has been better 3. best 4 sniping

DJ Radio made it! (author)2008-12-26

There are better targets. but this should be good for sniper targets. 2.5*

Bartboy made it! (author)2008-12-25


Oompa-Loompa made it! (author)Oompa-Loompa2008-12-26


pls made it! (author)pls2008-12-26

hahaha lol

Bartboy made it! (author)Bartboy2008-12-26

I just don't want all the other people going "what's the point in even posting " on EVERY SINGLE THING!

pls made it! (author)pls2008-12-26

i know but.

pls made it! (author)2008-12-26

Nice pictures, but the target is alittle simple, sorry.

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