Picture of Knex Tripod
Basicly, I took my knex music stand, took off the holder, made it taller, and Modded the Hell out of it.

Here it was,
Right here

Step 1: Follow instructions

Picture of Follow instructions
Take off top (of music stand) And then build pic 2.
Sketch985 years ago
this is a monopod
Bartboy (author)  Sketch985 years ago
I know. I kept the name as tripod because more people are likely to search "tripod" than "monopod", and it does essentially the same thing.
bounty10126 years ago
would this work with a rb2 mic?
Bartboy (author)  bounty10126 years ago
Not as is, but you could easily change it.
I meant, is it sturdy enough to support a rb2 mic, I tried a stand and it failed.
Kiteman7 years ago
If you're not going to tell people how to make the music stand, you could at least include a link to those instructions.

Oh, and you should have made two of these stands.

Then maybe the photos would have been in focus...
and lights!
Bartboy (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I used a webcam
Bartboy (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
right you are!

Why you little!
The Jamalam7 years ago
this is not a tripod, it is a monopod, or maybe a quadropod on a flat surface
dsman1952767 years ago
thats a mono-pod, not a tripod.
Bartboy (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
actually, it is a quadro-pod, but a tripod is in general anything you screw a camera on to.
no, it's not a quadro-pod because the legs are connected. and a tri-pod has to have 3 legs coming out. cameras only use tri-pods because no matter what all three legs will touch the ground.
Bartboy (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
Whatever im still keeping it as tripod.
it isn't and-pod actually. more of a mount... if it was actually solid.
well, ya, thats mostly what i meant.
UltraMagnus7 years ago
its a mono pod... and this isn't really even an instructable...