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Introduction: Kne'x Trophy Truck! [Semi Scale]

Hi guys! I'm back whether you like it or not! And this time i've brought with me something i designed all by myself! This truck is about three years in the making, and boy is it cool! It has working suspension, about 1:18 scale and is super easy to fix when broken*. Uh Oh. its the astrik. not to worry you just gotta learn how to put it together first! Now, just like my first instructable, this one is missing some pictures. All the steps are covered, just not fully pictorial. But look at all of the pictures on the step before you do the step. Note: You all have full access passes to copy my idea! Congrats! All i ask is you tell me what your using it for.

Step 1: Making the Chassis.

Yea...don't have too many pictures for this one. Just try to make what you see. the 5th and last picture connect at the middle of the main chassis like in the 1st picture, and the yellow half circle blocks connect to the posts that are in picture 4.

Step 2:

This step has quite a few pics. I'm assuming that your all smart enough to do this step so i didnt take pictures on every assembly step, but i did get all of the different parts. The 5th picture is the roof, the 6th is the front, and the 7th is the rear/bed of the truck.

Step 3:

This is the easy step. Put on the wheels. I would use the little blue connectors that dont have the little nub on them like the brownish ones. Another note: I like to use the spoked wheels like in the picture. The regular wheels that u get will work but you'll need spacers behind them. Thanks for reading this whole thing. hope you have fun with this. Remember, I WANT RATINGS AND SUGGESTIONS!!!!!



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    sick im going to build it and add on to it

    Great design,Im going to walmart tonight and gonna get some more k'nex so i might just make this when i get bac home(:

    it was very easy to build and has great suspension

    The chassis is too hard for me to make cuz of the side ways views :p. P.S i subbed :)

    Now that's a nice truck. 4.0.

    better view?!

    i built the truck it has the best suspension wihtout rubber bands ever. nice truck

    thanks! I need to fix the rear end sag a lil'.


    The rear:D

    This truck is quite plausible, I bet you could incorporate suspension into it

    It does have suspension, Just not like independent. I couldnt figure that part out. Any ideas?

    my trohpy truck is waaaay better then this!! mine has independent suspention and it looks like a trophy truck

    1 reply

    Awsome. Id like to see a picture of this. Not saying that it isnt better. After all, i dont spend my days playing with knex that often.

    It's nice, but I find 3 years in the making a little hard to believe.

    4 replies

    3 year!! it took me 4 hours and mine looks better

    Hey buddy, try reading previous comments before totally flippin about how you can make a knex truck faster than me.

    i dont just work on it constantly, its more like 3 months total in the making, but 3 years in existance lol. srry for the mis-undersanding.

    Alright, I was just wondering about that.

    i think it is ok but ,put more efert in to it'.i can make a better one.'