Knex UZI I Modded





Introduction: Knex UZI I Modded

Give a general description of the Instructablea uzi made by ************* ok he made it first and then i modded it its more powerful and the bullet now doesnt get stuck in the barrel or slow down o.k so here it is by *************

Step 1: Magazine_-_-_-_ STOCK

This is the stock magazine which is a traditioional underneaf one ye ha LOL

Step 2: Magazine_-_-_-_BULLETS

Give a general description of the Stepi fire the white and silver small ones but im sur you can fir green of blue imf you make the Magazine_-_-_-_ bigger

Step 3: Magazine_-_-_-_ Itself

Step 4: Magazine_-_-_-_pusher/ram

Give a general description of the Stepe bulletsup into the holder or feeder

Step 5: Magazine_-_-_-_Rubber Band

nothing special here just a plain rubber band o.k every1 get it luv it

Step 6: Gun_-_-_-_sight

Give a general description of the Step a rounf hhole to looke throught with a smalle green rod

Step 7: Gun_-_-_-_bullet Holder/beggining of Barrel

Step 8: Gun_-_-_-_End Barrel

Step 9: My Gun Finished



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