Picture of Knex UZI i modded
Give a general description of the Instructablea uzi made by ************* ok he made it first and then i modded it its more powerful and the bullet now doesnt get stuck in the barrel or slow down o.k so here it is by *************

Step 1: Magazine_-_-_-_ STOCK

Picture of Magazine_-_-_-_ STOCK
This is the stock magazine which is a traditioional underneaf one ye ha LOL
knexboy9593 years ago
Looks ugly
(YOUR N4 years ago
the person with ze original idia woz....
DuOslug (YOUR N4 years ago
(YOUR N4 years ago
PindaHoofd6 years ago
You could make the handle better...
heey ben jij ook nederlands? dan ben je de 2e:P
Ja ik ben ook nederlands
ik ben ook nederlands yay er moeten meer nederlanders komen!
knex gun maker (author)  PindaHoofd6 years ago
the mag is not in it on that pic and i have made the handle stronger
yeah, I was kinda wondering where the mag was...
mage jens6 years ago
dude , cam you make a better toturial, i get it with the magazine but after that you dont show us how to finish the uzi, becuz those last pic are to complicated :S
bighead54546 years ago
isnt the traditional uzi mag inside the handle? cause on most shooting games and shows it shows an extended mag under the handle gion into the handle. srry just wanted to ask
lol, yes the mags are recessed inside the handle... kind of hard with knex unless you want about 2 ft of range
nice pic but i understand
knex gun maker (author)  bighead54546 years ago
oh and do you like it anyway and please rate
knex gun maker (author)  bighead54546 years ago
ive broke it up anyway so i cant modifie it but you probaly could make it like that
Nederland rules
mr.overlast6 years ago
beameron6 years ago
Ik ben ook nederland En ook Dutchguy (nederland) Mijn mattie xD
DJ Radio6 years ago
Nice gun.
knex gun maker (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
thx m8 im glad and can you tell every1 about it and rate nd subscribe plz
ill rate it 4*, but i have high standards on who i subscribe to.
knex gun maker (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
k m8 but when you like the standards rate + i have put a W scope on it they i made up like this \ / \ /\ / \/ \/ with a hole in the middle of it
I already rated it 4*. i am not going to subscribe to you because i have high standards on who i subscribe to.
knex gun maker (author)  knex gun maker6 years ago
damn it didnt work like a W but it came up as 2 w's