Picture of Knex WW2 Fighter Plane
WW2 Fighter Plane
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Can you make instruction please!!!!

I will be very happy8)
Der Bradly6 years ago
This is really cool. You should make more of this kind of stufff. btw: You should add a turrent to the plane
I know what your meant when you said turrent, but corsairs do not have turrets
marcusparcus (author)  Der Bradly6 years ago
Cheers. I'm currently working on a 4ft long Avro Lancaster Bomber
you have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gotta post it i will build it for sure if you post :¬)
make it look a like
HOLY CRAP...Let me know how it goes.
marcusparcus (author)  marcusparcus6 years ago
With turrets
If my best friend stuart had an instructables account he would be really happy... If you post instructions i could give it to him for his B-Day...
that's copyright
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What the...
GOD!! why does everyone have to put an "n" in turret!?!?
Why does everyone have to put guns on K'nex models? Very nice model though.
it's a war plane
*sarcasm* Becaus everything has to have a gun!! *sarcasm*
stryker33 years ago
it looks like a corsair!

F4u Corsair.jpg
dansdoc4 years ago
please send me instructions
Could you send me the instructions?? It looks sweet!!!
frag master6 years ago
just satrted a knex airpl;ane group. i would really like you and any other knex aviators to join up. the group is called KNEX AIR FORCE. hope you post this on it! :)
Bugman96 years ago
I think a lot of you people are refering it to an A6m Zero.
ferrari4846 years ago
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why what for it didn't say anything offensive
yeah but its spam a one word post the messes up the whole page.
yeah so people liked it :¬(
damn how long did it take you to do that
quite a long time
wow that is insane i would never have the patience to do that
and now someone has flagged it
that is done
see for your self
i think its an american corsair
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i know but the structure really looks like one (except the wings of course)
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