Knex WW2 Fighter Plane




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Introduction: Knex WW2 Fighter Plane

WW2 Fighter Plane



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    Can you make instruction please!!!!

    I will be very happy8)

    This is really cool. You should make more of this kind of stufff. btw: You should add a turrent to the plane

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    I know what your meant when you said turrent, but corsairs do not have turrets

    Cheers. I'm currently working on a 4ft long Avro Lancaster Bomber

    you have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gotta post it i will build it for sure if you post :¬)

    HOLY CRAP...Let me know how it goes.

    If my best friend stuart had an instructables account he would be really happy... If you post instructions i could give it to him for his B-Day...

    GOD!! why does everyone have to put an "n" in turret!?!?

    Why does everyone have to put guns on K'nex models? Very nice model though.

    *sarcasm* Becaus everything has to have a gun!! *sarcasm*

    it looks like a corsair!

    F4u Corsair.jpg

    please send me instructions

    Could you send me the instructions?? It looks sweet!!!

    just satrted a knex airpl;ane group. i would really like you and any other knex aviators to join up. the group is called KNEX AIR FORCE. hope you post this on it! :)