This a easy instructable for people that like to hold the Wiimote sideways for SNES games or others. Don't forget to rate!

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

These are the parts you will need
Ultra mesa awsome rated 4.5*<br>Have a look at my cool ibles I have made as well, and I might subscribe to you coz I like your ibles
&nbsp;YOu should like made a base end board and then connect pieces to the buttons so that you could control it like it should. P.S. Its' terrible.
never thought of that, might make a repost later. thanks. <br /> <br /> <br /> P.S. if you care so much why don't you make one yourself.
&nbsp;I have, I'm just trying to make it compact and stuff, right now it is real thick because of the remote, so I'm going to upgrade then post.
im sorry but this is ^crap
how would you get to the B button???????
It should be a open space at the back for the b button. Look at the pic with no controller in it.
its allright, but the grip is too big. 4*
Use cardbored with a smaller diamiter than the knex wheels. That should solve the problem.
If anyone has a mod pst it! I will most likely add it on to the instructable.
that's great an even better ting to do is make a lot of layers of card board and glue them together and cut out a the shape of the controller that you want.
Good idea. but what if you decide to play mario cart or something and only have one cardborad controller at the time?Or if the card board gets soaked. Then What? But in the mean time Very smart.
The card board wouldn't get whet if you coat it in paint and stuff. i made a sword that way. it worked great. yeah and don't forget you get the wii wheel with the game.
Yeah...........Forgot that...........My bad. Have you made anything recent?
Not bad, good idea.
Great, cool, but you should erase the " This is my first instructable so don't be harsh.", It's....... Bad.

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