an ak47
body belongs to the DYKT
Trigger to viccies cdm

Step 1: Rails

the thing on top of the gun

Step 2: Body

1 and 2 are the barrel
3 is the front
4 is the middle body
5 is the handle area
6 is the back view
7 front
and 8 the top

Step 3: Chain

its the chain

Step 4: Stock


Step 5: Clip

the flexis are gray ones

Step 6: Rod

its the rod

Step 7: Trigger


Step 8: Handle


Step 9: Done

put it toghter and make it look like whats down below
i rate 4.5 if u improvz the mag :D
top rail looks bitt like that of a famas<br />
XD thanks
Doesn't look quite like an AK, but it is cool.
thanks homes
It's "holmes".
i knd of see a ak-47
It looks nuthing like an ak-47 but i like it, its original
................... I don't see how you can compare this to an ak-47.
it looks lioke it and if you dont thinks so thats fine buy me
I see an AK-47 in it more than any other gun:D
xd thanks
i dont see it either but the pics are kinda blury that could be why

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