an assault rifle made from my M82 sniper, i has good range, good power, im not going to post cos i want to make an mp5k, uses my bolt action that i made ( i think).
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Look's like the ump from cod 6, is this what you based it on because it looks very much like it. Well done 4 stars. 
It looks nothing like a ump.
It dose, i dont mean that in a bad way, it look's nice. Im just saying it,s similar that's all.
looking nice =/= looking like an other weapon
why do saddos like you ALWAYS think that K'nex guns / weapons look like a gun on any CoD game?
i guess that's where their inspiration comes from.
it might be but then why make it and give it a completely different name and not even say that you got inspiration from CoD?
Agony3 years ago
i would build it but there is no instructions overall the gun looks amazing
Nice one!
Annix153 years ago
Annix153 years ago
lol, a 4.99 rating, to make it 5 star, i will so the last vote to make it 5 star, your welcome. :)
Puddock3 years ago
This is very nice. I like it.
plese post, this is awesome!
ya post
Looks sort of like a mp5 RAS
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Hmm... that looks great! I personally don't like the stock, but it is an opinion. Anyway, 4.5*
I agree about the stock, it doesn't look proportional to the rest of the gun. 4.5/5
poellmac4 years ago
post an instructable on this plz
wertywaster5 years ago
how far does it shoot?
ash14945 years ago
why from cod6? does it look any different to the real thing? people need to stop talkin about guns just cus theyre in cod...
combatknex5 years ago
very creative!
wabawaba5 years ago

Youre guns are all awesome but u never post em.

sukinmaru5 years ago
wildar976 years ago
postpostpostpostpostpostpostpostpostpostpostpostpost why are there rbands around handle??
It makes it comfier.
Furloy wildar975 years ago
to keep it from falling apart i think
why wont you post? if youre taking it apart to make something else anyway, why not post the proces for dismantling it in reverse? that's basically what an ible is, anyway.
i like it very much. maybe try to get some more tape off? (4.5*)
ya tape lot of tape
poserboy1236 years ago
put directions on how to make it
poserboy1236 years ago
sweet gun but what does it shoot?
mikstr26 years ago
dude! this thing looks beast. you need to post it.
are you blind the gun pic of the mag is there

/ I \ ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\\
Bari06 years ago
Cool does it have removable mag, cus it looks like it - Have u posted the instructions yet?
u l;uv the tape
yerjoking6 years ago
Vid showing the bolt action?
tottaly awsome :D
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