This is a tunable bass guitar - that I am going to add to Knex band.

You can actually get a tune out of it and it sounds much like a bass (However i am not a bass player so i wouldn't know well).

I managed to get 'Smoke on the water' out of it and it sounded pretty realistic, however all the videos i took on it do not sound like it does in real life - you can't really tell much difference between this and a drum kit in them.

It has four strings, and although being a bass it looks nothing like a real one - so maybe i should call it a harp.

Step 1: The Small Pieces


1) frames
2) tuning edge
3) base edge

Oh, and get a box the size of a PS3 box.

Awesome. One of the very few k'nex I'bles that I actually like. Do you play the bass? I do.
yay! i did the impossible lol. nah, i dont play bass, although i would like to... im playin electric at the mo. d'you have facebook?
Haha, yeah, you did the impossible alright. That's cool. If you decided to play bass, I suggest you start of with an iBanez. Those are cheap and the quality is just perfect. I do, actually. My Facebook is "Petrov Iliaj Cravic".
i buyed a YAMAHA bass guitar, WITH amplifier, tuning device-thingy (dunno how to say that xD lolz), bag 4 the guitar, and some other stuff, don't get a heartattack: 150 EURO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! normally 400 or more euro's!!!!!! very very very cheap and really good to start with ^^
Haha nice. And I believe that "tuning device-thingy" is called an amplifier.
no that´s not it... it´s a tuning device to tune your bass guitar to the right tone.
Oh. So not an amplifier? Hmm. Given your vague description, I don't think I can help out much, sorry.
haha yeah that doesn't matter, i only don't know how to say what it is in 1 word xD
I cant believe NO ONE knows what it is called. It''s called a tuner, unless it's a cylinder. Then it's a pitchpipe.....we need better music classes
Excuse me that I'm not from an English speaking country ;)
I LOVE playin bass. Especially Pumped Up Kicks and Sunshine of Your Love.
Are there frets? And can you tune the strings seperataly? <br> <br>
On a scale 1-10 how loud is it<br>
that tuning thingy is called a tuner. you can get them seperate or built into amp. :)
KoOl. This is sweet,lol. We definetely needz tha instrumentz man! :)<br />
nice........ crossbow !!! and guitar harp. This can go through cardboard !!
made me lol!
why is it in a box?
so you can actually hear it. take an acoustic guitar for example. what is the wood? a shaped box with a circular hole at the top.
oh, i thought it was because you put it there, does t work? i mean, can you play music with it?
just about. but that depends on the bands, and the way you tune/play it.
lol does it brake?
i don't think so...
Noooooo!!!! I just threw out my tub of knex!
Even if you're not happy with the quality, you <em>need</em> to post a recording or video of the sound it makes.<br/>
It sounds like a quiet double-bass, i'm sorry but i'm not posting a video, :P , i deleted it :- (
oooooo cool!
pretty sweet
you commented about 3 minutes after i posted! sweet!

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