This is a basic knex rubber band powered bow-and-arrow. This Instructable shows how to build the bow the ammunition and a quiver to hold the ammo.

Step 1: Build the Bow

If you don't know what to do please post a comment and I will give you further instruction.

Step 2: Build the Ammo

Step 3: Make the Quiver

Step 4: Loading and Firing

every time i try to shoot it it falls apart
More like a crossbow if you ask me
i agree <br>
I agree.
i agree with your agreement
That got me confused for a moment.
I agree with your confusion on agreeing to agreement.
I know exactly how you feel ;(
But maaaam! i want some more cheesypoofs@
cartman what the f*ck are you doing here
We are all out of cheesypoofs right now, but we have cheese and poofs.
it looks like it could break any moment. 1*
Ahahaha!!!!! Funniest thing ever!<br />
Well in my experience the only part that breaks frequently is the two vertical orange pieces connected by the vertical blue rod made in step 1 picture 11. That is a guide I forgot to post a picture of. I will fix it immediately.
ok, but still, it just looks like a few triangles.
Triangles are the strongest shapes.
You might want to put layers on it then.
You mean pointlessly ruining the simplicity of the project to make it look cooler?
*sigh* look, my point is, this would have been perfectly acceptable 2 years ago.
What do you mean?
he means, knexing has developed to a point that is past the spot where this crossbow is now today, it is more appropriate to make it cooler, not simpler I realize that this is a relatively old post, so dont complain about that
m8 u got pwned
use tracks (treads on the knex tractor) on the quiver so it form fits to your body
I've made a scope for it. can i publish it
Please do. I really like that Idea and I look forward to building it.
Yeah It does look like a crossbow to me to.

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