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Introduction: Knex_builder_Freak's Crossbow Mods

We all know the gun. It's time to make it better! I found a few problems: the rubber band is to low for the barrel, and the trigger is to far away from the handle. This mod covers those and a few more. O, by the way, this is my first instructable, so please constructive critisim only :p Please comment!

Step 1: Prep. Construction

1. Materials
2. Reinforcement: this reinforces the wheels.

Step 2: Construction

1. Add two small rods and two blue spacers
2. Add two large wheels
3. Add rubber bands
4+5. Attach reinforcement we built earlier
6. Add two blue rods to trigger

Step 3: Overview

1. This is how the barrel looks now (me trying to shoot my friend)
2. Xtra bar (cosmetics only)



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my gun looks like this but without the arms and a simpler trigger mech.

Hey w8 a second, why does every1 put the comments on the front page and never any on any of the other pages?

Because everyone views Instructables on one page :)

:O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool looking gun but nothing overly incredible. At least it's different.

i built it and he made upgrades

like i said it is really good im gonna build it soon with the upgrades i iove the video fire in the hole bam!!!!