this is my second instructable. It is a knex car with suspension that actually works. Please rate and comment on how i can improve it

Step 1: The Base

This is the base of the car, its not very hard

to change the height of the suspension change the spacers

1-normal view
2-view from bottom
3-the back
4-the front
5-the middle
6-the exaust pipe
9-front axel(there should be wheels here but i forgot to take a picture
10-rear axel (you do not need the motor on this it only stops it from rolling baquards but if you do make sure the arrows are pointing forwards)
11-wheels on

Step 2: Body

this is the body it goes ontop of the base

3-5 Rear
6-8 Front
9-10 side

Step 3: Roll Cage and Roof

This is how you make the rollcage and roof (you do not need the rollcage as it has no effect on the car but it looks cool)

1 roll cage
2-4 Roof

6 this is where the roll cage connects (sorry for the blurry pic)

Step 4: Spoiler

This is the spoiler, its fairly easy

Step 5: Driver

This is the driver, you do not need it if you dont have it

to put him in just remove the roof then reattach it
<p>i moded it that it can steer and go faster</p>
<p>this thing cool and doesn't use many parts </p><p>u get my like and you r now favorited</p>
<p>best knex car ever</p>
<p>This car is cool!!</p>
You have a great building stile . keep it up and keep posting epic ables.
that car looks awesome!!! and also looks like a honda civic tuner car
Here is the knex monster truck I just finished it has suspension, real steering and opening doors i will post as soon as possible
I have finally posted an instructable for this so check it out here<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Monstertruck/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Monstertruck/</a>
Ever gonna post?<br /> or post some more pictures so i can try myselve <br /> (maybe i can help making instructions)<br />
you need 8 big wheels? i only have six but my cousin have 2 and will give to me!!!(so happy! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
<strong>wow</strong>, pretty cool, i wanna make!!!!!!!!!!!<br/>
me too
i will post my knex monstef truck soon but i am quite busy so it may take a while
It's 2011 Your really busy, i would'nt mind builing the monster truck but i need the instructables.
YES!!! I just made this a 5* instructable. XD
sweet good job 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
hey this looks like the police car instructions i have <br />
where is that instruction? maybe i like it<br />
&nbsp;This is sweet!!!!
Nice!! Love the &quot;headlights&quot; ;)
hey adam awsome car and supension 5 stars
made it last night - she's a beauty! Thanks =)<br/>
i have to make this one very cool
are you near done with the monstertruck? (i bought a new set and got now 8 wheels)
awesome street car
<strong>try to and on a steering system on it''<em><strong></strong></em></strong><br/>
cool i will make soon and see if i can help on improvemts
Very nice, How did you think of all the details,
Sweet Car
I am beginning to make a new knex car with real steering and real suspension
again this is awesome check some of mine out i do a lot of work with suspension like with my street car and i want to see what u think
Very nice. The only part I dont like is the 3d connectors on the front. Otherwise, what Oompa-loompa said.
hello did you ever saw my designs
nice designed come check mines
sweet i made a street car too i have to say urs is awesome
Coolest looking car on Instructables hands-down.
Awesome!! Thats great, you did a really good job:D
looks cool i'm too making a knex car with suspension i have the chassis and the front already but my is to big for a knex guy

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