Knex crossbow.

Trigger in instructions suck, make the new one in pic 3.

Step 1: Step 1


Step 2: Step 2


Step 3: Step 3


Step 4: Step 4


Step 5: Step 5

<p>wholly guacamole!!</p>
Nice I plan to build this soon
love this crossbow one of the best iv seen on this site (if you have any time plz check out my gun and see if you can come up with a name for me plz its got a 25-30 round mag attachable grenade launcher sight anf front grip for beter handling here is a link to my gun <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/</a>
n ice crossbow. will try to build it. <br>also in step 5 do you need the sharpened rod? <br>
with just 1 band and a sharpened black rod I got through 4 pieces of cardbord <br>
dude...where does everyone get these knex!?! is there a cheap or relatively cheap way to get alot of these?
go on ebay, i got tons of knex from there
he why don't you use killerk's idea
You mean a sling shot?
no i mean the a ammo <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/STW3GJ7FPIOLZSM/">https://www.instructables.com/id/STW3GJ7FPIOLZSM/</a> just the Removable fins for your ammo for better accuracy well it mite work i hope<br/>
Wouldn't work because the ammo cant fit inside the rail.
What did you do, spray paint the red rod??
Ya, a longgggggg time ago.
it looks like it impaled someone...
now that you mentioned it, it does...o.o
Wouldn’t that cause more friction??
yes but barely, unless he used spraypaint designed for plastics...
not if you use very good spray paints
Yeah, I just used it because it was spay painted so I didn't care about sharpening it, so then I used it for my ammo.
no its a tan rod wich is a reinforced red rod
you mean a tan CLIP with a reinforced red rod?
Hes talking about the picture of the ammo.
it will get more accurate
The word knex doesnt really tell us what stage it is..........
one word.........EPIC!!! <br>could u do me a favour?? can u think of stuff for me to add to my crossbow??
This makes me want to make it just for the looks. I would make it to shoot, but all my rubber bands are tiny.
awesome crossbow, i love it, looks so awesome
on step three pic 11, its really confunsing!?!?!?!?!
you have to add another grey rod<br>
whats so confusing about it? <br>
idk anymore I posted that a year ago I've built this 2 time nows so nothing
I'm about halfway through building it right now, having trouble deciphering the improved trigger. As a side note, building with k'nex destroys my hands...
lol, lul is a dutch word for penis
And now I know
man this is nice dude
Great gun. Looks good and looks like it would work well too. ignore the bad coments by dem haterz.
i mean grey
give the guy a break its preaty good I think I could not do any beter
sorry but made it and its inaccurate, short range, time wasting and flimsy as a sausage not making it ever again<br><br>
made it

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