Motorized moving targets which looks like a duck shoot and automatically resets. Click the link for thew second half of instructions

your website is great. I have made the p90 and the rail shotgun, cool design but the trigger on the p90 didnt work
If some one has all the parts i would like to see someone bulid and shoot this with I Am canadian's heavy cannon total inialation of ducks
me to<br>
i have made i_am_Canadians heavy cannon, it would totally destroy the entire target set up, let alone the &quot;ducks&quot; <br />
i have 12 boxes of the stuff iv never got my head round to putting on an instructable tho
Try sorting it into boxes, it helped me loads!
i dont think alot of people that log on to this website have that much knex to make that and a good gun!
Sorry for late reply but I have 105 pounds of knex. SO yeah... <br /> (don't believe me?)
HOLY&nbsp;CRAP.<br />
think again
cool but can never make 4
4 stars becouse no one going to make this its hard and i dont have that many kenx but other then that i like everything eles
i made it before, except i got bored of it and took it apart
Why don't <em>you</em> actually make something instead of copying things?<br/>
rubbish rubbish rubbish your target
very cool , but i hav not enough pieces for this but he is realy cool so 4*
ive made the first part but where do i find the second part on the web link
only 1 proplemo... i cant build this cause i dont have enough pieces to make the actuall gun lol good thing i am getting more pieces hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
knex.com..... -_-
i like it too! i am making a target that shoots up the thig u r soppose to shoot
Awesome dude! 5.0 and fav!
don't use hack's gun for your logo, it is plagerism.
Buuut. (just had a thought) if he put hacks name on it, it would be advertising! " \_/
O this looks coolz, but i don't have a motor. {sobs} or chain links {sobs more...} Or huge gears {sobs even more...} :(
Change the gear ratio to make it go faster. Otherwise this is a very original idea. 5 STARS!!! :D
o, i like it :)
I saw this on youtube. It was pretty cool! Too bad I don't have a motor. Now if we could just combine these with splodies lol.
Pretty narly.
You can make it faster just by changing the big and small gear with two medium gears
Looks cool but you should make it go faster, and most of the ducks I have seen don't look like that.
cool, but it would be better if it was faster.

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