Knex Gun Duck Shoot Resetting Target





Introduction: Knex Gun Duck Shoot Resetting Target

Motorized moving targets which looks like a duck shoot and automatically resets. Click the link for thew second half of instructions



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    your website is great. I have made the p90 and the rail shotgun, cool design but the trigger on the p90 didnt work

    If some one has all the parts i would like to see someone bulid and shoot this with I Am canadian's heavy cannon total inialation of ducks

    2 replies

    i have made i_am_Canadians heavy cannon, it would totally destroy the entire target set up, let alone the "ducks"

    i have 12 boxes of the stuff iv never got my head round to putting on an instructable tho

    1 reply

    Try sorting it into boxes, it helped me loads!

    i dont think alot of people that log on to this website have that much knex to make that and a good gun!

    3 replies

    Sorry for late reply but I have 105 pounds of knex. SO yeah...
    (don't believe me?)

    cool but can never make 4

    4 stars becouse no one going to make this its hard and i dont have that many kenx but other then that i like everything eles

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    i made it before, except i got bored of it and took it apart

    Why don't you actually make something instead of copying things?

    very cool , but i hav not enough pieces for this but he is realy cool so 4*

    ive made the first part but where do i find the second part on the web link

    only 1 proplemo... i cant build this cause i dont have enough pieces to make the actuall gun lol good thing i am getting more pieces hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!