These are a few pictures of my dune buggy I made. It's from the suspension car from one of the knex booklets. From the book, it looked kind of crap so I built it up to be how it looks now. By the way, I think this might be the first thing on instructables to be ever taken in snow. Great fun making this due to the fact, it was a monday and school was canceled. YAY!!!
Lol, you think that's deep snow? I right now have 2 feet and school was and will be cancelled for the entire week!
I live in london, snow sets like once every year. Its deep for us.<br />
i am from holland that isn't deep for us <br>
cool<br /> <br />
dude its cool an all but you totaly just modded a truck from some knex directions
lemon slices, a raging mongoose and hardcore aerobic masterbation nice related column (Y)
Lmao!&nbsp; I did lemon slices but i didnt do the other 2!&nbsp; Really!&nbsp; is that what it says!<br />
lol yeah i was in tears from laughing so hard the first time i read it
Im changing it right now!<br />
you haven't.
Very nice.
very nice, post ,check out my video
I know where you got the suspension idea from
(before my comment, i already said that i just 'tweaked' it) yer its the grey box with the lego block things in it. thats were i got it from
yep, and that idea was in a book that came with one of my knex sets too
lol i might mod another idea soon
nice i got an independant suspension idea in my head now
nice tell if u make instructions 4 it
does it got a motor?? does it go trough that deep snow???? is it 4 wheel drive??? is there an instructable for it ???????????????????????????
No it does not have a motor but i have tried to install one but it seems to be that you cant have suspention and a motor on the car. With a good push it does plough through the snow with its ram at the front quite well and without a motor, it cant have 4 wheel drive. Soon i will make an instructable for it but it will take some time. BTW: why so many ?marks?????????.
you can have a motor and suspension
i know but i was talking about my car.
could do but first im gonna post instructions
nice idea's why don't you try to make one
why exactly is this filed under green?!? just so you can get more views?
Cool little buggy:)

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