Knex Dune Buggy by Fishfrog27.





Introduction: Knex Dune Buggy by Fishfrog27.

These are a few pictures of my dune buggy I made. It's from the suspension car from one of the knex booklets. From the book, it looked kind of crap so I built it up to be how it looks now. By the way, I think this might be the first thing on instructables to be ever taken in snow. Great fun making this due to the fact, it was a monday and school was canceled. YAY!!!



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    Lol, you think that's deep snow? I right now have 2 feet and school was and will be cancelled for the entire week!

    I live in london, snow sets like once every year. Its deep for us.

    i am from holland that isn't deep for us

    dude its cool an all but you totaly just modded a truck from some knex directions

    lemon slices, a raging mongoose and hardcore aerobic masterbation nice related column (Y)

    Lmao!  I did lemon slices but i didnt do the other 2!  Really!  is that what it says!

    lol yeah i was in tears from laughing so hard the first time i read it

    you haven't.