holy crap do you have alot of gray rods
I have about 300
i have 60
<p>I have like forty or fifty.</p>
I had like 20 when I first started, But I got a lot more as I got better.
i have 15 <br><br>:(
I got 4.
too many 2 count(or im just too lazy to)
Lol, I have about 10 now.
Lol, I have about 10 now.
yah i wont to buy like one big like 5000 piece package but havent been able to find one yet
I got 10000-15000 for &pound;100 (thats like 120-130 bucks)<br />
&nbsp;Thought you said 30k.
Yeah on the ebay page it said over 30k of pieces.<br />
<a href="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HUGE-amount-of-KNEX-INSTRUCTION-MANUALS-over-30-kg_W0QQitemZ260470160027QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Construction_Toys_Kits?hash=item3ca53b3a9b&amp;_trksid=p3286.c0.m14" rel="nofollow">Clicky Clicky</a><br />
Im about to get 80 for my birthday
you just missed out hiyaduz was selling 6000 peices
RODS?????? Dont u mean connecters And btw i have like 500 <br>
ive got 94
good job easy to follow instrutions!
what color of rod goes through the middle of the gun or are there multiple rods.
It is a black rod. It's the same length as a gray, 7.5&quot; rod if you don't have it.
omfg with my 5* rating i made it a 5* gun! <br>Gratzzz!
Oh my gosh. This is another example of why the ratings are messed up.
instructions? please?
i dont have many where do get them
I made one this size but it had 10 shots.<br />
this gun is so cool, and i c no flaws with it! although it is only 8 shot it is still pretty cool.
nice!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;im confused......... 3.94? <br /> no offence i mean its a nice gat, but...<br /> was it a first or somthing? <br /> whatev, just whats the 3.94 for? LOL !!! :)<br /> <br />
Pros 1.Simple 2.Effective 3.Easy to make Con 1. Only 8 Barrels I will proberly mod it into a machine gun pistol or a revolver
made it into a tommy!
i will be able to pay a good $50 for it. how much would you like?
didn t bld but cool
thats puny
Why is this so highly rated?
the people who didnt like it decided to not rate the gun.
Fair do's. You've been busy these last 6 hours.
I have too much free time.
Can I post instructions so people will stop bugging you?
post instructions
You have a Trekker too!!! Nice gat.
i want a trekker
what the hell is a trekker?
A trekker is an motor that is about twice as large as the normal motors, with 2 speeds and it's way stronger than the standard motors. Downside is that it needs 4 AA batteries to keep it running.
I have one of those motors, i bought it off Ebay for £8.99 - Yes, im not from America!

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