Knex Grenade




Introduction: Knex Grenade

A very simple and good knex grenade.



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oke... why have you made all these thing's? i mean, everybody on this site knows how to make such a grenade. please, only post really cool grenades (refillable, timebomb, repeating, looking like an real one). 2/5.

not everything has to be WOW SO AWESOME. if you want that, this isn't for you. but if you are just looking for inspiration, here you are

This is probably the simplest grenade design that I have seen here, and it doesn't really use many pieces. And before you go off on me about how this grenade doesn't do anything, please see my other comment.

nope no rubber bands, its just throw and they go EVERYWHERE TRY IT

Yeah, but I can throw a handful of pieces and that would be better. Heck, I could just dump a bucket on somebody, this just separates when it hits the ground.

very cool 3 out of 3. 1: looks cool 2: easy to build 3: works

This K'Nex grenade just falls apart instead of exploding.

That is why I made it. Its simple and good

But, people have done this before. Not saying it's a bad design. It's just been done before.