I got really bored so I made a stupid gun :P
I got quite a bit of power out of it, and the handle was really comfortable.
hmm, looks ok, if you want to post. AND PLEASE NO MORE SLIDE SHOWS FOR ONE GUN. it's kinda a waste of space since your going to post a instructable on it anyway, this is what the forums are for.
Well. I'm sadly not going to post it. So I just did this.
&nbsp;why<br /> <br />
that makes me sad
aeh it looks good but how does it profure and it looks like any other mech
i have no idea what that means, so im going to make pancakes. want some?
sure i hope there chocolate
dont make me laugh, pancakes and chocolate. 8-)
have you ever been to ihop i have and they have them there
are you chinies
no. are you?
nice one!
thanks hows your sore throat?
post or else
cool, i bet you know what i am going to say but
your are realy gonna do that everywhere arnt ya
I don't think it's "Stupid" It looks sweet :P
yes he should definitely

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Bio: i like music :)
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