Knex Gun - Primitive But Best





Introduction: Knex Gun - Primitive But Best

Hey guys, I just built a miniature handgun.

- It is ugly.
- It is not semi-automatic.

- It takes less than 200, maybe even less than 100 pieces.
- It is small.
- It takes 10-20 minutes to build.
- It is the strongest shooting miniature k'nex gun I have seen (compared to it's size, of course.)
- You can customize/mod it.

Step 1: Handle

This is where we build the simple handle :)

Step 2: Barrel

This step you will build the barrel, and all that goes with it.

Step 3: Assembly

Here we assemble the two parts you have just built, very easy.

Step 4: Making It Work

Follow the video to add the rubberband and shoot.
If you have questions or comments please post them :)



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-you can customize/mod it-
Brb, I'll go add a red dot sight to my own guns now, since that is such a rare thing.

sorry to say you gun is like a todler disine it is easy to build but suckes oknot to be rude but it suckes.

Not to be rude, but, you need to learn how to spell.

looks like a meteor hammer ball.

how can you even call this " best "

Compared to it's size and easiness to build, it shoots very far.

but its only a tube with fancy attachments. maybe it can be a ash tray

Thats why I said that it is ugly. Gosh, if it's so bad, should I just erase it?