Knex Heavy Pistol Cannon





Introduction: Knex Heavy Pistol Cannon

This is my knex heavy pistol cannon it can go through a tin can. it shoots about 140 feet with 3 rubber band strings of 7 if you have the parts build it! happy building!

Step 1: Trigger and Handle Support\breech

how to build the trigger,handle support and breech

Step 2: Handle

how to build the handle and put it on the handle mount

Step 3: Barrel

this is how to make the barrel

Step 4: Support

how to build the support

Step 5: Putting It Together

putting it together

Step 6: Rubberbands




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    cannon no pistal no

    this looks hilarous, that giant body with that tiny little handle. lol.

    4 replies

    lol kinda intimidating.

    No offence but  i could`nt even pick it up

    1 reply

    So... How exactly does this work? I've got it all set up except for the elastics, but I just don't see how this could soot anything effectively. Could someone who has this working send me some pics of the bullet they used and how the elastics are setup and everything?

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    Sorry about the late comment but, you pull back the rubberbands, hook them on the rachet and load from the hole in the front of the cannon and then shoot what you want to shoot.

    the barrel is impossible (I don't know the spelling of impossible) can somebody please send me a better picture.

    i biult it and it got good range but the end snapped off

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    no i destroyed it 2 make my rifle and the end probably snapped after 2 many bands i had lik 40 of them

    Pistol: Small gun that fits in your hand and does not extend farther than 1 foot from your fingers. (estimate) Cannon:Big, extends far from your hand Opposites I would say

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    hmm... also a "pistol cannon" seems a bit odd dont you say. and he says it does not have a stock, this does not make it a pistol. a pistol is generally a one handed firearm, a cannon is not, and take the barricade shotgun used by the police, no stock? definetally not a pistol.

    look at the picture above that gun has a caliber of 101.

    thats just and over-sized novelty weapon that probably doesnt fit into any class of weaponry, plus it looks as if that is from an old western movie, not real life.