Introduction: Knex Highpower Sniper Rifle

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This is HORRIBLE INSTRUCTABLE that shows (somewhat) how to make my first sniper rifle.

Step 1: Build Part 1

Picture of Build Part 1

This is how to build the trigger area of the gun. RATE!!!!!! Do it Now! Thanks! ------>

The problem is that i did not have enough knex to build 2, so this is a thinner and shhorter version, fill it all the way up with pieces.4 on each side of the middle.

the red rod on the trigger is so you can connect to a remote control car wheel to set up into TURRET mode.

the tan lock in pic 2 is so the trigger can be pulled in TURRET mode.

Just build at least 2 plates EXACTLY like this, 7 if want FULL POWER!!!!

The plate where the tan lock is the same, without the yellow connector so build another one of those plates!

see the two red rods? see the orange connector and black y connector? build 4 on one side and 5 on the other. Can use yellow connectors if nessacery, ( i did on my strong one.)

barrel. dont focus on the bits yet, just the orange and grey connector near the top.

final look.

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

This is how to build the barrel, build as long as your rubberbands stretch.

Notice the 3 oranges instead of 2 with 2 yellows, that is how you end it.

Step 3: Stock Add on / Build Part 2

Picture of Stock Add on / Build Part 2

You can build the stock from these pics.

Well, you better be able too!!!!!


sorry for the HORRIBLE instructable!


Wafflicious (author)2009-06-29

This is still the coolest gun i've seen.

DJ Radio (author)Wafflicious2009-07-04


Wafflicious (author)DJ Radio2009-07-05

idk I think it's not as powerful as people say and this gun is smaller and more portable.

TigerNod (author)Wafflicious2009-07-15

Well, when it comes to coolness, it is really cool if your knex gun has a pump and an automaticly rotating drum mag.

stubbopolis (author)TigerNod2011-02-08


TigerNod (author)stubbopolis2011-02-09

Lol, splendid. But there are cooler guns then the Knexsayer.

stubbopolis (author)TigerNod2011-02-10

what? slam fire tr8?

TigerNod (author)stubbopolis2011-02-11

Just to name a few, and just based on coolness:

Railbow rifle
IAC Heavy cannon

Pretty much that. They're all very, very cool, but Knexsayer should definatly also belong in this list.

Bartboy (author)Wafflicious2009-06-29

Thanks... It is very reliable, and can withstand A LOT of power. I threw it down the stairs and it still works...

An Villain (author)Bartboy2009-07-14

i threw it off a cliff and it does not work, (bands broke.) other than the broken bands however, it worked good.

Wafflicious (author)Bartboy2009-06-30


Fred the evil puppet (author)2010-07-27

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narutokid201 (author)2010-03-13

i shot my friend and hes in the hospital trying to get a knex rod out of his leg

An Villain (author)narutokid2012010-05-13

*raises eyebrow*

Bartboy (author)narutokid2012010-03-13

honestly? with this gun?
i knew it was strong... it's not the most accurate, but...

narutokid201 (author)Bartboy2010-03-14

i used 6 64 rubberbands

TigerNod (author)2009-07-15

Wow, finally someone that admits he has a bad knex gun. To bad that this one is actually pretty good...

KnexFreek (author)TigerNod2009-09-20


TigerNod (author)TigerNod2009-07-15

Oh, now I see the instructions i am starting to understand why this instructible is so horrible! Man, I just can't follow the instructions! Could you post some more detailed pictures?

Bartboy (author)TigerNod2009-07-25


build this:

But, if you have the pieces, use a yellow rod across instead of blues, and extend the barrel.

TigerNod (author)TigerNod2009-07-15

It looks a little small for a sniper however...

pls (author)2008-11-12

Looks kinda small in the picture lol, what are the stats of the gun?? And congrats on your first sniper rifle!, I'v never made one myself:(

Bartboy (author)pls2008-11-12

well, its strong, can launch that bullet straight through cardboard, can shoot sharpened bullets, and I have made MANY other types of bullets, look at my forumn about my other snipers.

pls (author)Bartboy2008-11-12

Sounds intense, i shot my crossbow into a box, the connector came back an hit my forehead :(

razzlekunai (author)pls2009-01-27

Sounds (not so) similar when I accidentally shot myself in the foot with a DD-27.

DJ Radio (author)razzlekunai2009-07-04

I shot my friend with a few of my knex guns, he fell in pain. Currently, he is spending the night over, but I dont have anything made to shoot him with (I was gonna dismantle my BRv1 so I could work on an idea I got.

pls (author)razzlekunai2009-01-27

My cannon miss fired and hit my knuckle:(

razzlekunai (author)pls2009-01-28

Ouch... that's gotta hurt...

pls (author)razzlekunai2009-01-28

Ya, I couldn't really use it much for a few days.

alfpwns (author)pls2008-11-15


pls (author)alfpwns2008-11-15


alfpwns (author)pls2008-11-16

o sry

Bartboy (author)pls2008-11-13

yeah, the main thing is you can add as much power as you want. this gun is almost indestructable. It bounces.

pls (author)Bartboy2008-11-13


Bartboy (author)pls2008-11-12

lol, i just told you about it!

Bartboy (author)Bartboy2008-11-12

but you didnt subscribe...

knexsniper1 (author)2009-03-22

a bit to "fat" ok though, what is the range?

Bartboy (author)knexsniper12009-03-22

Depends. IT can take about 20 elastics. With about 20 #64, it shoots over 200 feet.

planktons1 (author)Bartboy2009-03-28

Lol 20 64s?

Bartboy (author)planktons12009-03-29

Yep. The only way this gun will break is if the white wheel breaks. You can throw it down the stairs (Hard wooden ones, no carpet) and it will still shoot.

knexsniper1 (author)Bartboy2009-04-01

20!!!!!!!!!!! not so nice, 20 will be next to impossible to pull back

Bartboy (author)knexsniper12009-04-02

You pull them back 5 at a time.

knexsniper1 (author)Bartboy2009-06-16

hmm good idea, you know, i like your attitude towards me, because my precious comments when i looked at it, doesn't seem so nice.

Bartboy (author)knexsniper12009-06-16

Psshh, I've had worse.

knexsniper1 (author)Bartboy2009-06-19

yeah, remember that one guy username: bartboyisg4y that guy was a jerk. i felt realy bad for you because of his offensive name. :(

chopstx (author)Bartboy2009-04-21

how'd you learn that? did you do it on porpoise or accident? (i purpusley mispelled purpouse)

Bartboy (author)chopstx2009-04-21

Well, when I dropped it in my kitchen by accident, I decided to try throwing it down the stairs. It worked fine!

knexsniper1 (author)Bartboy2009-06-16

200 feet! impressive, but how will you be able to pull back the pin after putting all thsoe rubberbands? or do you put them on after the pin was pulled?

Bartboy (author)knexsniper12009-06-16

T'isnt a pin! It's a slingshot...

lowe (author)knexsniper12009-04-06

how many peices does it use?

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