Knex Highpower Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Knex Highpower Sniper Rifle

This is HORRIBLE INSTRUCTABLE that shows (somewhat) how to make my first sniper rifle.

Step 1: Build Part 1

This is how to build the trigger area of the gun. RATE!!!!!! Do it Now! Thanks! ------>

The problem is that i did not have enough knex to build 2, so this is a thinner and shhorter version, fill it all the way up with pieces.4 on each side of the middle.

the red rod on the trigger is so you can connect to a remote control car wheel to set up into TURRET mode.

the tan lock in pic 2 is so the trigger can be pulled in TURRET mode.

Just build at least 2 plates EXACTLY like this, 7 if want FULL POWER!!!!

The plate where the tan lock is the same, without the yellow connector so build another one of those plates!

see the two red rods? see the orange connector and black y connector? build 4 on one side and 5 on the other. Can use yellow connectors if nessacery, ( i did on my strong one.)

barrel. dont focus on the bits yet, just the orange and grey connector near the top.

final look.

Step 2: Barrel

This is how to build the barrel, build as long as your rubberbands stretch.

Notice the 3 oranges instead of 2 with 2 yellows, that is how you end it.

Step 3: Stock Add on / Build Part 2

You can build the stock from these pics.

Well, you better be able too!!!!!


sorry for the HORRIBLE instructable!



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    This is still the coolest gun i've seen.

    idk I think it's not as powerful as people say and this gun is smaller and more portable.

    Well, when it comes to coolness, it is really cool if your knex gun has a pump and an automaticly rotating drum mag.

    Lol, splendid. But there are cooler guns then the Knexsayer.

    Just to name a few, and just based on coolness:

    Railbow rifle
    IAC Heavy cannon

    Pretty much that. They're all very, very cool, but Knexsayer should definatly also belong in this list.

    Thanks... It is very reliable, and can withstand A LOT of power. I threw it down the stairs and it still works...

    i threw it off a cliff and it does not work, (bands broke.) other than the broken bands however, it worked good.