I made him out of knex and he can move his mouth. I will show how to make him when I get over 12 comments.
that is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ths is comment number 16! pelase post that thing! I love Dunham and Jose Jalapeno!
I already posted it except it is the new version of it.
ROFL thats funny.
sorry over 12, number 13 post
number 12 please post
I have the new version of it.
I really love that guy whits its dolls post it or "I kill u"
jeff dunham you mean?
thats cool. i wanna make one
comment 2 just need 8 more comments!!
comment 3 ok almost there!! post the dang thing!!!
comment 1 funny dude
Cool, but with the yellow, he looks more like a banana. BTW, it's jalapeno.
Thats pretty cool!

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