K'nex Kitesheild!:)





Introduction: K'nex Kitesheild!:)

About: I am a 12 year old male. I got my start like any other getting my first knex kit and started looking at youtube videos of knex weapons. I Made only 1 item a shield its bullet worthy but not I_Am_Canadian hea...

First off im going to show you how to make this. :P

Coming Soon Stand That Turns Sheild Into Target.

Step 1: Pieces.

You Will Need.
5 Triangle Plates.
1 Big Plate.
3 Medium Plates.
4 Orange Conectors.
3 Black Snowflake Connectors.
8 Light Blue Snowflake Connectors.
2 Green Rods.
4 Light Blue Spacers.
4 Silver Spacers.
and 2 White Small Rods.
(Refer To PIcture If needed.)

Step 2: Construction Time Top Half

Just Look At The Picture.

Step 3: Construction Time Bottom Half

Just look Just Look At The Picture.

Step 4: Hand or Wrist Strap.

Just Look At The Picture.

Step 5: Put All of It Together

Just Look At The Picture.

Step 6: Now Enjoy.!!! :P Fun and Cool. :)

Look At My Arm In These Pictures!!!

Step 7: Told You Theres a Stand!

Alright This Isnt Difficult at all!
picture 3 is me



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    in this pic i was like 10 im 14 now turning 15 september

    Well I dont remember try Ebay or Buy a Knex robot maker set

    not to offend you but it looks like the top of a helmet

    Sorry I havent talked in long time im going to be making a new instructables soon hang in. P.S. MEH

    What? I was talking about the fact that you've always "seen better". No one said anything about your guns.

    if it is made for combat it does not look like it can take a hit judging by the condition of the largest square plate but nice model best design i have seen yet

    Whats the point of this? is it just a model? or is it made for actual knex wars...? if it was than that wouldn't last long if your fighting against me.

    I hate RuneScape. All you ever do is click. That takes some skill, now doesn't it?