Knex Locking Switchblade Knife





Introduction: Knex Locking Switchblade Knife

This is a mod for Knex Switchblade by Mykhailo. His knife didn't stay shut without you having to hold the blade. Well I fixed that. Now all you have to do to open is push a button and give a flick of the wrist.

This should be easy enough so just follow the pictures.

Parts list:


12 green rods
10 white rods
2 yellow flexi rods


7 yellow connectors
1 white connector
4 red connector
3 light gray connector
1 gray clip


Black & Blue hinge (you don't have to use Black & Blue hinge you can use a red connector but I prefer to use the black & Blue)

Yellow rod clip thing ( you can use a tan clip but this works better)

ruber band

Step 1: Build All Parts

Pic 1: build (this is going to be the blade)

Pic 2: build (this is going to be the body)

Pic 3: build (this is going to be the button) sorry it's blurry

Step 2: Put Together

Pic 1-2: Add black and blue hinge

Pic 3: Add blade

Pic 4-5: Add side cover

Pic 6-7: Add button

Step 3: Add Ruber Band

Add ruber band as in pic. Fold up knife and put the gray clip (that is on the button) under the light gray connector.

If you don't understand anything let me know.
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    can u put a vid on how to open it

    cant get the rubber band and button right

    i  had this in my back packet when i was in a knex war a the took me hosteg and i used this to escep and it work just great

    best switchblade ive seen on this site, its got a button, a good enough blade, and a sturdy handle

    very nice now I can stab up my friends in a knex war

    try taking off the rubber band and flicking harder

    the "yellow rod clip thing" is actually a gold track splice piece.

    I get how it works but my blade comes out a bit.

    wow dude this knife/blade is awsome ive already built it i love it!!!.... well im having a knex war right now

    very nice .it took me a while to figure it out but very nice

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm getting ready to post a new gun with a different firing mechanism - my 3rd Instructable in a few days.

    what. it's cool.