Knex Machine / Gatling Gun Automatic





Introduction: Knex Machine / Gatling Gun Automatic

Click here to see the instructions on how to make a knex machine / gatling gun.



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    K.S.E thats not your design

    same name cool we are a team right?

    i know for a fact this isn't yours: i know the person who made it. Stop posting videos about stuff that isn't yours!

    Personally, I'm tired of all the weak machine guns that aren't even powerful enough to scare a sleeping cat away. I made a machine gun link that is as powerful as the dd27 assault rifle and can shoot through cardboard but uses only about 40 pieces. I came up with a new full auto trigger as well. Unfortunately, I found it impossible to build a gun that was structurally stable enough to fire the barrels using the conventional method.

    I have a lot to post right now, I'm gonna try to crank some stuff out ASAP.

    thats good for me cos i dont have a motor so the only machine guns i can make are cranks

    Umm, that comment "crank some stuff out" was a figure of speech.

    ya read that wrong i though you said "im going to try some crank stuff out" lol i feel like a prat now