Introduction: Knex Machine / Gatling Gun Automatic

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knexboy959 (author)2011-10-24

K.S.E thats not your design

knexboy586 (author)knexboy9592012-09-23

same name cool we are a team right?

The Jamalam (author)2008-10-20

i know for a fact this isn't yours: i know the person who made it. Stop posting videos about stuff that isn't yours!

Oblivitus (author)The Jamalam2008-10-20

Personally, I'm tired of all the weak machine guns that aren't even powerful enough to scare a sleeping cat away. I made a machine gun link that is as powerful as the dd27 assault rifle and can shoot through cardboard but uses only about 40 pieces. I came up with a new full auto trigger as well. Unfortunately, I found it impossible to build a gun that was structurally stable enough to fire the barrels using the conventional method.

Dashadower (author)Oblivitus2011-11-14

try a bb gun

plz plz post

I have a lot to post right now, I'm gonna try to crank some stuff out ASAP.

thats good for me cos i dont have a motor so the only machine guns i can make are cranks

Umm, that comment "crank some stuff out" was a figure of speech.

ya read that wrong i though you said "im going to try some crank stuff out" lol i feel like a prat now

It's no problem, I'm working on my Ultra Pistol instructable now just to let you know.

DrWeird117 (author)Oblivitus2008-10-22


Oblivitus (author)DrWeird1172008-10-22

Lol, I am having technical difficulties right now but will post a picture sometime.

DJ Radio (author)Oblivitus2008-10-20

i would suggest trying Killerk's pistol for a MG link, just take away the handle, and add a rod on the block trigger

Oblivitus (author)DJ Radio2008-10-20

That is not the problem here, my design is very nice too, it is more powerful than Killerks pistol, I just need a stable firing platform.

untd103 (author)The Jamalam2008-10-21

This is my own creation I built this without looking at any gun on the internet, Im knexguntutorials on youtube

gassybeans (author)untd1032011-07-19

bull sh*t!

Der Bradly (author)untd1032008-10-21

prove it

untd103 (author)Der Bradly2008-10-22

I have posted a comment on youtube with knexguntutorials on the video saying I am untd103 On instructables:

GAG3 (author)untd1032009-11-29

ON you tube,but you didnt give instructions on youtube.It say learn how to build this.

The Jamalam (author)untd1032008-10-22

sure, you posted the video, but you didn't make the gun.

untd103 (author)The Jamalam2008-10-22

Could you please show me which gun I have copied off(could you give the site)? I promise I have not copied anyones gun. I genuinely do not know why you think I have copied someone elses gun because I have not

Jwalker51X (author)untd1032009-03-05

T_T you didn't make this. You copied it......................... the link for the site is
You copied it straight off............STOP POSTING VIDEOS THAT AREN'T YOURS!!!!!!!!!

JESUS!!!!!! THIS GUY IS KNEXGUNINSTRUCTIONS AND KNEX GUN TUTORIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

red-king (author)Millawi Legend2009-10-11

 yep. notice the email adress on knexguninstructions? i think it should be pretty obvious...

Raiden97 (author)Millawi Legend2009-07-14

got that right, ive seen people so retarded like the one person above

untd103 (author)untd1032008-10-22

Wait Ive just realised, what other knex gun has two chains for the bullets. All the guns Ive seen have just one. View my instructions and check if they are the same as the supposed identical gun.

The Jamalam (author)untd1032008-10-22

perfect duck's cyclone and knexecutioner

Koolman2009 (author)The Jamalam2009-04-12

The knexecutioner is awesome! Double sided machine gun!

The Jamalam (author)untd1032008-10-22

oh, hold on, the video on this instructable is an mg without 2 chain links, I am sorry, I think that my computer has loaded the wrong video for some reason! can you send me a picture?

untd103 (author)The Jamalam2008-10-22

Link I forgive you aslong as you please give me a break from saying I keep making other peoples guns. Im new to this and I have removed the videos of other peoples gun on instructables.

The Jamalam (author)untd1032008-10-23

and that mg looks good!

The Jamalam (author)untd1032008-10-23

okay thanks

The Jamalam (author)untd1032008-10-22

my friend in real life made this gun and put it on youtube 2 years ago.

hockeyhere (author)Der Bradly2009-05-29

dude ur a cheater wow

Der Bradly (author)hockeyhere2009-05-29

Har. I laugh. At people. That say stupid things.

hockeyhere (author)Der Bradly2009-05-30

i hate u!!!!!

Der Bradly (author)hockeyhere2009-05-30

I hate you too.

TigerNod (author)Der Bradly2009-06-27

And you have reason to.

happybirthday (author)untd1032009-03-15

dude, you know that shotgun that you made? thats not yours. you know the slide action pistol that you made? not yours. youd better start crediting people or else

XI3 (author)happybirthday2009-10-15

lol, even if these are not his designs, what are you going to do?threaten him some more?


happybirthday (author)XI32009-10-15


Raiden97 (author)happybirthday2009-06-10

then who made them?

happybirthday (author)Raiden972009-06-10

k2 slide pistol. look it up. the shot gun is hacks

Raiden97 (author)happybirthday2009-06-10

i didn't find a "k2 slide pistol" i even searched up on google

K.S.E (author)untd1032009-07-01

I agree with you I made guns thats my design but all i get is you copied

Owenmon (author)untd1032009-06-04

Can you please PM my account? (Owenmon82397)

Just to make sure this stuff is yours.

lordbot (author)2010-07-06

Your guns look mighty similiar to the guns on

Flatout Knex (author)lordbot2011-01-23

r u people dumb its his website

dansdoc (author)lordbot2010-07-15

it is

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