Knex Pistol W/ Slide and Mag





Introduction: Knex Pistol W/ Slide and Mag

"Knex gun with slide and removable mag if anyone has made anything like this already I have not seen it this is a 3 month old gun I swear!!!! all original. not my best looking gun but work great for me!!

Step 1: Step 2

the handle

Step 2: Slide

the slide

Step 3: Body

body of the gun

Step 4: Part 2 Body


Step 5: Put It All Together

almost done

Step 6: Last Step!!!:)




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    114 Discussions

    i like this gun very much because:
    1: it shoots far
    2: the loading system is cool

    I must say. For being a true/block I still liked it because it had slide action, and it has a removable mag; key feature for a pistol to survive a knex war.

    2 replies

    I have been looking for a gun like this for ages. It is perfect. quuick reload time strong powerful enough to have knex gun wars and not hurt yourself and reliable. great job

    hmmm im trying to construct a luger pistol and im having a spot of trouble trying to make a detachable mag and the slide, do you mind if i use your guns handle and slide?

    is it that powerful? heres mine. 6 shot looks cool and alright power (25ft) please look.

    ive been lookin on instructables for a year now well mabye not a year but ive been looking for ages for a gun that is slide and has a mag in the handle but not very good looking but still does the job thanks

    can i do with out the weel thingy cause i dont have one im not a hardcore knex builder and i cant get more i only have one box can sombody post som mods

    Uhhhmmm .... Great gun, but the ammo just don't come out of the barrel, at the place where to magazine ends. I use enough bands so that isn't the problem .. Can somebody help?

    what does this gun shot because i am going to biuld it an i need to know what this  gun shots but by you instructable i am going to rate it a 5*s, good job.

    you could use yellow connectors with the connecting bits on the out side
    this has helped me out alot, hope it helps u