Knex Semi-auto With True Trigger!!

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Introduction: Knex Semi-auto With True Trigger!!

This is my second instructable so dont be harsh in comments. This is my first true trigger and my 5th pistol. This is one of my better guns so enjoy!!!
PS: all photos have been taken with my phone

Step 1: Making the Handle and Trigger

make these objects

Step 2: Now for the Hopper

make these 2 sides of the hopper

Step 3: The Barrel

The pic explains most of it but if not look for on screen notes

Step 4: Now to Attach the Handel

clip the handle onto the barrel

Step 5: Hopper

This is where we clip the hopper on and add the firing pin

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Now to add the rubber bands. Once to have done this you will have finished XD
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ITS Good but d handle goes SNAP every time I pull the trigger

ITS NOT A SEMI_AUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Its cool xept it aint able to shoot a green rod; I added 2 more blaks instead of those blue connectors............ THey don't even connect stuff!!!!!!!!111

Not a semi auto but good for a 2nd instructable.

Even though it looks like it has true trigger this isn't semi auto. When people do K'nex, they want something better than some nerf gun or this'd be an all nerf gun site. This isn't much better than a maveric with a clip (or whatever gun has those) so I'd say its not worth posting in K'nex. 3/5 stars for me

If you wanna make a semi auto use my concept.............. serisouly just try to add a hopper to my pistol if you rly want to ............................................

Sorry,'s not semi-auto. This is magazine fed single shot. Oh well, looks really cool! 4*.

Isn't that a hopper?

Technically, you're right.

 Lol all comments over semi-automatic stuff