With this knex gun you can turn the front 180 degrees so you can hide behind a door and only expose the front of the gun. so you can hit them but they can't hit you. You can also turn the front straight so its like a regular knex gun. It has a 10 round magazine. I TOOK THE VISIBLE PART OF THE TRIGGER OFF SO NOBODY CAN COPY. I did not make this gun for looks i just thought of the trigger system and quickly made the body if i wanted to make it look better i could.
I want 1 D:
it is like the cornershot
wow is that real or just a concept?
Yea it really works.
hey u know 180 degres will shoot u the gun onley terns 90 degres
180 degrees is the same as a regular k'nex gun.
i think what he meant was 180 degrees horizontally, not 180 degrees vertically
totally real, its in use with the Israeli Armed Forces
Finally I have what I require!
Don't I though? Check out all my 'ibles!
Y'know everyone who has responded to that pic has replied with "Lol." Nothing more or less. lol
Because its funny, what else is there to say?
yeah lol is best. As you were
but yeah lol is probably best
this corner shot: <a rel="nofollow">www.cornershot.com/</a><br />
I remember seeing it on future weapons. it also has a screen to see around the corner so you can hide.
I saw that to -- right before bed time It does have the sreen to show around the corner But they could change the angle at which the barrel bent -- left or right -- for different corners.
Kinda pointless...
not really it can help you to not die in some situations
Very limited. If you are behind a wall, shooting them, they can just shoot through the wall! A gun could easily go through drywall. But I guess if you happen to be behind a concrete wall, then it might work.
They have little Kitty Cat sleeves for the barrell so they look like cats coming around the corner, So innocent, unless your enemy hates cats
Man...That's one cluster-f*** of a hairball.<br/>
I just had a thought what if they put this as a usable gun in a videogame? wouldnt that be awesome? (Im not as enthusiastic about this as I sound)
You can use this gun. It actually works really good.
I mean in a video game I know how and how well it works
urgg. Just use homing missiles!
thats way more expensive do you know how much those missiles cost? and only using them to kill one enemy?!
How is it pointless.
it has a capability to fit an M4 instead of just a pistol
And THAT'S! where the homing missiles come in handy...
try makeing a homing missile out of knex!!! if you can then i will give you 3. yesssss 3.
Ha. Good luck. ._.
Thats what i was trying to accomplish.
can it bend straight again like the real cornershot?
how does the trigger work
so easy to make.
a electronic signal is sent to the shoting part from the triger so it dosent need to me strate
This thing is very ugly...
please dont post if you dont post instructions<br /> that is what knexinnovation.com is for<br /> this is for instuctions only<br /> and why dont u want anyone to copy?<br /> <br />

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