Knex Slide Action Gun




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Introduction: Knex Slide Action Gun

Click here for the second half of instructions.



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    I built this years ago from someone else....0_o I had to break it up though lol. It's an AMAZING gun though :D

    I just really wanted to post a comment since I'm new, but I'm going to do a lot of modding on this and pump it up about 30 - 50 more feet if I'm capable.

    VERY GOOD job it looks like my favo secondary on black ops the python/357 magnum

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    Seriously, the Colt Python was not invented for "Black Ops" it has been around for nearly 56 years, and should not be viewed as a figment of some game's weapon bank.

    i mean the game call of duty black ops or cod 7

    That is what I was saying, the Colt Python was not invented for "Modern" First-Person Shooters.

    hmm... looks alot like the one on STOP TAKING OTHERS CREATIONS AND SAYING THEY ARE YOURS!

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    shud-up kid. how do you know?

    Because his gun was the first k'nex gun i ever built.

    it is his. he IS knexguninstructions

    how is it not his?

    maybye he does knexguninstructions, you dont know do you he could even be friends with the guy and maybye he let him post it

    he is knexguninstructions!

    is there any black Y connectors????????????

    5* for the duck shoot 3,5* for the gun lets see, 4*??

    put the duck shoot on instructables!!