(look at video clip) this is a model of suspension for a truck i havent built a body for it, but you can biuld your oun body!! GOOD LUCK BUILDING!! :]

Step 1: Suspension Arms

Step 3: Last Step!!

make shure you seen the movie clip at the bottem of the pictures.
can u use different tires
nice! %*
Didnt you post a youtube video about this car <br>
hey mate, does it have front suspesion otherwise it doesn't work?
its working suspention
i made a huge buggy, it has rear wheel drive, and it is bigger than 1/5th scale gas cars!
o.0&nbsp;I&nbsp;MUST&nbsp;SEE!!, send a pic
here it is. check out my slideshow for more pics.
Ya, did you check out the slideshow? =P
ok i made a slideshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont have a camera. i guess i will have to use my sisters phone.
please check out my slideshow!
this is a very good idea to use in a F1 car
its more like a truck suspension
yeah i saw that but i will make it and try if i can make it smaller
yea, good luck with that
here it is a little bit flatter than before
nice, but does it stear easily
not easy i am still working out how to do it
try a making universal joint in the stearing
how do you mean
a two sided rod that can spin in different angles.
it didn't work out
mine did. Check it out in the slideshow i made!!!
on closer thought it isn't gona be a f1 car anyway more like a beachcar i hope
Nah, F1 cars don't bump a lot, a jeep or something would be better I think.
how do you have to attach the rubber bands?
Onthe tip of the control arm then to the bottem middle to the other side.
Complicated, but absoluly amazing. Put a body on it and it would be so cool. If you then sent me instructions for the lot, I'd build it.
This would be great for a Warthog!
ya, i made one of these for a robot a while back, if you make it right it works perfect. i had problems with it being a little to flimsy, but it looks like you solved that, good job!
Sweet job, awesome! Only thing I don't really like is the hinges snapped onto the red connectors.
did you make a body for it?
Oh, I haven't had time to make it yet, I just skimmed through the instructable :D
Add a picture on the intro with the finished product please.
theres a new picture now its the best one i have for the whole thing.

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