Knex Track System for Vehicles.





Introduction: Knex Track System for Vehicles.

This is my first instructable so go easy on me. I have developed a track system for a truck or car. Some of the pictures are very bright. But you can still see how to build it.

Step 1: Parts Count and Main Frame.

There is not very many parts so it will be very easy to build. You can't see it really good but the is 14 chain links.

Step 2: Axel

This will connect to the body of a car or truck.

Step 3: Tracks

This is the final step. Just add the tracks and you are good to go.



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    it does not work unless you use your hand to move the chain!!!!

    It only works on carpet. guess I forgot to mention that. :)

    cool, glad we got that settled

    I love the simplicity but effectiveness of the design nice job for a first.

    Thanks, and why don't you like my name.

    i have used your track system as an extra of my car gave you cred so yeah check it out  at knex high mod car

    it says you like lego, haha