Pictures of my walking machine. just ask if you want me to post an instructable. it should be pretty easy to build it off the pictures
Please post instructions
Can you please make Instructions?
<p>Here it comes...I'm going to make a K'nex AT-AT with this bad boy. That's right. If I had enough K'nex, I could make one with I_am_Canadian's V5 heavy cannon built on :O</p>
<p>Hmm, I kinda doubt that. Even though IaC's V5 heavy cannon weighs less than the original, its still heavy enough for a walker to lift and carry. you would need a motor(s) with a large amount of torque to drive the axle fir the legs.</p>
post!!!!!! <br>
hmmm can you post a ible? it would make my life easier<br />
come, on, thats simple! try making a more complicated walker
hm...if you want to i can post a video of it i guess i have like 5 of them =D<br/>
post it, it looks cool
im liking it. but i dont have that motor. All i hav is the 1 which has the red bit for the batteries connected to the seethroo motor. can u make a mod for my motor?
Gears, gears, gears, mwah ha ha! Knex gears are awesome!
Never mind an ible, we need to see it in action - <em>where's the video?</em><br/>
Have you drunk a few glow sticks?????? You have recently been <em>paying attention to knex ibles!</em> AMAZING!<br/>
I pay attention to all the ibles I can - I just don't post on them all.
Good for you!
That's because lately people have been posting a lot of non-gun knex ibles.
Ya really!
Thats smart! I like it! Post away!
Looks great:)

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