Knex Walking Machine(response to I_Am_Canadian's Walker)





Introduction: Knex Walking Machine(response to I_Am_Canadian's Walker)

Pictures of my walking machine. just ask if you want me to post an instructable. it should be pretty easy to build it off the pictures



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    Can you please make Instructions?

    Here it comes...I'm going to make a K'nex AT-AT with this bad boy. That's right. If I had enough K'nex, I could make one with I_am_Canadian's V5 heavy cannon built on :O

    Hmm, I kinda doubt that. Even though IaC's V5 heavy cannon weighs less than the original, its still heavy enough for a walker to lift and carry. you would need a motor(s) with a large amount of torque to drive the axle fir the legs.

    hmmm can you post a ible? it would make my life easier

    hm...if you want to i can post a video of it i guess i have like 5 of them =D

    im liking it. but i dont have that motor. All i hav is the 1 which has the red bit for the batteries connected to the seethroo motor. can u make a mod for my motor?