Knexcluther's Nerf Dart Mod (for the Maverick.)





Introduction: Knexcluther's Nerf Dart Mod (for the Maverick.)

This is just a simple mod i figured out why i was fiddleing with my maverick.
This is also quite fun for kex lovers and airsoft and nerf alike!
I bet my whole ginormus tub of knex somebodys already posted this, and if they did i give credit to him/her.

Step 1: Step One: the Dart.

You will need one or more of the standard suction darts for the maverick; (p.s i dont know about other darts)
This step requires you to take off the purple cap of the dart.....heartbreaking?

Step 2: The Ammo....obvious?

there are 2 types of ammo
1.a short green knex rod for the knex user. airsoft pellet (the plastic ones) for the airsoft user.
As for the nerf user.... pretty much the dart.

Step 3: Insert the Knex Pellet Into the Nerf Dart.

put it in there but not to far back or to tight.
if you dont like the idea of using knex then use the airsoft pellet whick you can put as far back as you like.

Step 4: Loading and Firin. (duh)

simple put the bullet in with the end with the knex piece facing out.
airsoft pellet works better.
and as for the nerf dart...think of it as a shell.
chance of firin...sumtin percent. (results may vary)



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    it didnot work, the knex piece went farther into the dart when i shot it, and the casing fired

    i used a bb and it fired well but then i lost it. but luckily i have 84 more

    Wow, it's been a while since I've made this instructable. This method doesn't work that well if you want to shoot something different out of your dart gun. Metal BBs would probably not work as well because they are heavier. If you own a box of Knex, you can use small green connectors instead of airsoft BBs.


    lol wen u said u have to take off the purple cap thing i did then wen i realised tht u needed a airsoft bb so i got the purple cap thing and put it on the end of the end of the bullet then wen i put it in my mav it dosent pop out and it shoots farther tested it got spare suction bullets. (dont no if it works on other bullets)

    can you use anything besides a airsoft BB? just wondering because i don't really have any airsoft BB's.

    "chance of firin...sumtin percent. (results may vary)"
    When I use a gun, I want it to fire always. Not "sumtin percent".

    Anyaways, what you were doing here is essentially the first step to home-made Nerf darts. All that's left is adding some hot glue to the airsoft bullet in order to seal the dart's end. And you could use commercially available foam pipes instead of hacked nerf darts to save money.

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    so the foam doesnt fire but what ever you shove in it does

    this is cool 4.
    these i doubt are better then stefans

    booo hoohoohohoo waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_(