Well, it's a little big to be a side arm, but here goes anyway. I will be posting the gun with a decent camera, I just thought I would show you first. It is an accurately(ish) sized replica of a Desert Eagle, by Magnum Research. It has a slide, accurate sights, and a Periera-style magazine. The handle is not that accurately sculpted, but is very comfortable. I will also bring out a mod kit for it if it is popular.

1: The ruler is 12" long, or 30cm. The black rod is also there for reference, and the gun fires the tan (or red) rod.

2: This is the gun with the slide back, it works just like a real Desert Eagle.

3: A shot down into the magazine on the front.

4: A view through the sights.
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post instructions.<br><br>5*
i like it very much. but the handle is a bit too big. also 5 stars:D
post please
I will, next sunday at the latest.
Is it out yet?
I'm afraid not, but I'm working on a new one.
I'm in the process of reworking the idea.
i think u should post that thigy mabober :P
I may work on a new version with a mag after my crossbow.
That's the sound of me exploding.
Why are you exploding?
In awe.
I'm working on a better version.
Wow...Good luck.
great sighting
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Has it been posted yet
Dude, seriously... <strong>POST A INSTRUCTABLE FOR THIS GUN!!!!</strong> This is so realistic and kool. I really need to make this lolz. Post it.<br/>
I will when the first round of the TGKT is out of the way.
Looks like I'm not calling mine a Deagle.....
Why, it couldn't look much less realistic than this!
It's alot smaller and no trigger guard....
Well a real Deagle is 28cm long, so bulk it up a bit, but if it has anything that's not on here feel free to post!
Rofl, mine's half that.....I'll call it a super comact deagle.....lol.....
Is it handle loading?
Yep, with a slide.
Mind PMing me a pic?
This just looks like a wicked mod of the periera. GJ
Nope, it has a slide and a trigger guard. The only similarity is the magazine, and only the walls at that.
How far's it shoot with ONE # 64
About 15 ft at a slight angle, but with 4 it shoots 55!
well, four bands is not worth 55 feet.
Anyone who says that they have made a handgun (and I count this as about the biggest a handgun can get whilst still being one) that can fire a tan rod (not red, tans are heavier) over 70ft is lying. Except maybe the DD-27 pistol.
I realize that, but no gun is worth putting 4 bands on in the first place.
You can buy packs of 300 for about £4.00 in Staples, and this gun hasn't broken a single band yet!
Yeah, I'm gonna pay seven bucks for a bag of rubberbands...
Why not? It's all you need for at least a year.
Cuz I don't have seven bucks, it'd pretty pathetic I know. I hope that'll change soon.
Bad luck!
lol really i know... This won't last too much longer though...
Looks pretty cool I look forward to it!
Should be up by next sunday at the latest, sorry for the delay but school, rowing, guitar lessons... its all getting on top at the moment.
Unless, of course, I get given a handgun section in the tourney!
post it
I will, next sunday at the latest.

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