Picture of Knex'mas Tree
This is my Knex'mas tree.  I made this tree for Christmas.  I made three of them actually.  I made the one outside first.  It is about 8 to 9 feet tall and it has solar powered lights on it.  I made a second one for inside and built a coaster around it.  It is about 6 feet tall with the star on it.  I made a third tree that was 2 feet 8 1/2 inches tall and out of micro knex.  The one outside only fell down four times from wind and rain (we don't get snow).
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Step 1: Tree Building Components

Picture of Tree Building Components
The Knex'mas tree consists of four components.  It first needs a base to hold it steady.  Then it needs a trunk which is the middle of the tree.  If you plan to put it outside make sure you use the stirdiest kind of building tower which uses a blue and purple 3d connector sideways.  That way forces are pulling on something it can not easily pull instead of it being very easy to pull, like a purple 3d connector.  Next you need the leaves which look like how you draw a simple Christmas tree.  Finally you need the star and ornaments.

Step 2: Connecting Everything

Picture of Connecting Everything
This step shows you how to connect all the things together.

Step 3: Solar Lights

Picture of Solar Lights

I got 6 boxes of solar powered lights at Rite Aid for $15 each.  They charge during the day and light at night.  They have sets with multi-colored LEDs or white LEDs.  Each box comes with a stake, an extension for the stake, a clip, a solar panel, and a string of LEDs.  The LEDs fit into the 1/4 inch holes in knex connectors.  I would recommend putting the solar panels outside, they will work better.

3024221 year ago

it would be great if I knew how to make it

cinnes12 years ago
Great name
instruct394 years ago
very cool! a bit late, but better late than never, i always say!
Nice tree you got there, I know its a little late, but: "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"
~KGB~4 years ago
quite cool! =D