Knife Making Tutorial+Video





Introduction: Knife Making Tutorial+Video

in this instructables i'll show you how to make a knife out of an old saw blade

Step 1: Cutting/grinding

Cut the shape of the knife in the blade and the grind it so that it have its final shape

Step 2: Hole

Drill hole in the blade for the handle

Step 3: Sharpening/Hardening

Sharpen the blade then make the tempering so that the blade is hard

Step 4: Sanding

Sand up to a polish finish

Step 5: Micarta

Make micarta with epoxy and paper then cut it to give the shape of the handle

Step 6: Handle

Drill hole in the micarta and stick it on the blade with metal rod and epoxy

Step 7: Handle Sanding

Sand the handle to give it its final shape

Step 8: Final Product+Link for Youtube Video

go to the youtube video for more information



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    2 Discussions

    This is an excellent saw blade knife. Well done

    Beautiful work, it turned out really well :)