Step 11: Shape and Rough Sharpen the Blade

Picture of Shape and Rough Sharpen the Blade
Fortunately it's drizzling a bit and the pavement is wet.
I rubbed the blade on the edge of a curb til it was cut through enough to break off at the length I wanted.
Then I rubbed the rest of it on wet pavement til it was sharp and there was a bit of a burr on the edge.
It goes pretty quick. Cement is a good abrasive.

Look for smoother concrete if you want a better finish on your knife.
Or rub a rock or piece of cement on your working abrasive surface to smooth it first.
A rock, brick, broken flower pot, or any other rough ceramic item make good abrasives.
Hard wet beach sand can be a miraculously good abrasive.

The blade got a bit hot even though the pavement was wet.
I dipped it in a puddle from time to time to cool it off.
To sharpen it you could use the bottom, unglazed, ring on a mug
Freeshka4 years ago
how long does this step take because ive been working on this for about an hour and i still cant even break the tip off??
jadi9296 years ago
i was able to get it real sharp, but couldnt get rid of the round edge, i dont see how you were able to cut it off as easily as you made it seem?
jadi9296 years ago
does the concrete have to be wet?
trebloc6 years ago
This is a awesome project for a impatient teenager like me!! I often find myself losing interest in longer more complex knifes, but this is perfect!! Thanks and Good Job!!