Step 12: You Have a Knife!

Picture of You Have a Knife!
It's ready for finish sharpening as demonstrated here.
Here's how to make a paper sheath so you can carry it safely in your pocket.

That was quick!
It took less than an hour according to my photo EXIF timestamps in spite of interruptions such as rain and repeatedly hitting my camera with a hammer (canon s30 "E18 error").

Use your knife safely!
As my Granddad used to say, "Don't cut toward yourself and you'll never get cut!"
ynordia3 years ago
my version of this cool knife:
Picture 008.jpgPicture 009.jpgPicture 010.jpg
zaqtaq2584 years ago
I made the blade on a butter knife and I didnt have to cut away anything. It just took a little longer to where away the metal into a point. I just have a few questions about the handle. Where could you get parchute cord? Would there be any at a walmart or sporting goods store? Does any one have any other ways to make a handle?
krdog zaqtaq2584 years ago
For this particular purpose, 1/8th" nylon boot laces work wonderfully. You can by a pair of 72" laces for a coupla bucks at wallyworld giving you 12' of working material. If you deconstuct one you'll find a braided cover around a central core, same as paracord. The difference is essential contruction. True paracord has several cohesive strands forming the core; the bootlace core is more like a clusterf**k, but after deconstruction the separate pices of both can be used for string, thread, etc. enabling you to repair jeans or create fish line for instance.
He meant wal-mart
kethinum4 years ago
i made one of these last night and also a simple sheath thx fr da onstructable its a goood one
krdog5 years ago
using a 'whip knot' would make a better handle. it's used to finnish the end of a natural fiber rope that can't be burt n sealed. it's similar to what's been shown. u make a loop with a tail along the blade, wrap the handle, stick the end in the loop at the pommel then pull on the tail along the blade. loolk it up in the 'knot' section, i'm sure it's there
mysss krdog4 years ago
Why would that be better? This looks like it might be more secure to me.
krdog mysss4 years ago
You don't have to drill any holes in the handle, which weaken the knife, to secure the wrap. Also, tied properly it won';t slip off at a bad time. Hemp ropes that are whipped with about 1" of whipping don't fray for years n years.
mysss krdog4 years ago
Alright, but hemp is a whole lot rougher than metal, and parachute cord, if that's used...or really most cord, especially synthetics--is less secure than the waxed string I've seen used to whip rope. If we're using a butter knife, are we really too concerned about strength? An eighth-inch hole isn't much. What do you use to whip your rope?
krdog mysss4 years ago
Actually, yes, you need to worry about strength because you're already dealing with a 'weak' material. Why make it weaker? The outer covering on paracord is a braided cover around a core. That braid works like a boot tread. Give the cord a slight twist and pull tightly as you wrap. It shou;ld be so hard to pull the tail on the knot that you need pliers. If you can pull the tail w/your fingers you haven't wrapped it tightly enough. Try it. You'll be surprised at how well it works. I have a 'buttershank' I made a coupla years ago the paracord ain't come off of yet and I used it a lot living in the street for all nuber of things. I've used that same wrap on many different items over the years and it's never come loose or failed me when I needed it. It's an extremely good repair 'stitch' for round things that split and can also be used decoratively because you have no unsightly loose ends. In whipping rope I've used everything from waxed cotton string to thin nylon thread. The whip's virtue is in how it's tied rather than tyhe material used but it MUST be tied tightly.
for you guys arguing about the jail thing. my mates dad works as a fire fighter and they went to a jail to learn what to do if there was a fire there. the guards showed them a box of wepons made bye inmates, some of them made them in their cells with things they had stole. others made them in the metalwork facsilitys. the biggest thing they had confascated was a meter long sword. handle and all. the guy was a physco though.
Atlas225 years ago
Dude! Talk about geting more for less! I got like a dosen butterknifes in my house, i could spare some. thanks for this instructable, dude!
pinja715 years ago
that is cool I bought a butter knife for 25 cents and I am going to make one
0la6 years ago
I think that`s a very clever way to improvise. Cool project!
BoserWulf 0la6 years ago
i agree =)
ur using tools i cant use
he uses a rock how can u not use a rock
sites236 years ago
butterknife rocks!
rjeffries7 years ago
Thanks. This will be super handy should I have to spend time in prison. Seriously, it's a pretty cool project.
not many of us would find actual metal knives in prison. Most would be plastic cutlery, im guessing. I have never been in prison.
All you need is a toothbrush, lighter, and left over cellophane from your meal. You can make a very sharp knife with a ridgid blade with these items.
And you can smuggle it in your keester.
I'm pretty open minded, but my keester's a no weapon zone, thank you very much. Besides, youd have to wrap it up real well in order to pull that off, as all the materials I listed go into making the weapon (except the lighter of coarse). And it's VERY sharp. Don't think the guards are gonna be very sympathetic when you slice open your bum trying to hide a knife. And the stories that'd be told.
haha yeh unless you include poisonous gas :)
***shudders at thought***
No kidding.
i dun think the guards will allow u to bring any butter knifes with u in the cell...
playboi7777 years ago
u just grid it with concret to saw he peices off the guy on youtube said to use a tool or something thats kool im going to make one similar to that to that he said u can make it any shape so mines going to be way differnt.
DanLoney7 years ago
cool project man. i had to steal a butterknife from the table set,i cut and sharpned it with a bench grinder witch took maybe 5 mins. i had my fun throwing it into a tree till it finally broke haha ~DanLoney