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Introduction: Knife Sharpening

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This is my first instruct able so make suggestions but don't be too hard on me.
I have recently took up in a hobby of knife making my knifes were nice and good quality but didn't have that shave sharp edge that is a bragging point of a knife maker. The solution to my problem was when I showed my grandfather a knife I had made and pointed out that it was quite dull that's when he gave me a oil stone and showed me how to use it so I'm going to show you the basic of sharpening a knife

Step 1: Stones or Sharpening Tool of Choice

You could go out and buy an expensive but very handy electric sharpener like this work sharp knife sharpener but I understand that it's a big investment to just sharpen knifes so I'm going to use a $1 whetstone from harbor freight and an oil stone my grandfather gave me so let's get started.

Step 2: And the Work Begins

The steps I go through are simple but time consuming so grab you're stone a worthy knife and turn on some Netflix and get to work . I personally like to alternate between the two sides I think it makes for a sharper edge I start on the coarse grit stone and work to the finer stone which is around 1200 grit .

Step 3: Results

The result all depends on the amount of effort you put into sharpening the knife and if you take you're time you should be happy with the results if you follow the directions I have given so go get a knife and get at it



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    A good idea is to use wooden wedges cut at specific angles to guide your blade onto the sharpening stone at the perfect angle. Much better than averaging with your hand and brain.

    I use an old belt and a dab of tooth paste

    Good and simple! My problem has always been maintaining the correct angle for both sides. For me, just freehanding the blade gives me a whole lot of different mini-bevels which do nothing to sharpen the blade. A narrower blade angle is sharper but dulls more qickly while a wider angle stays sharper longer but won't maintain a razor edge. I generally use a folded matchbook or a binder clamp with internal shims and try for a 15-25 degree angle, depending on the use. I like how you are using only two stones. Do you use a scrap piece of leather to strop and get the wire edge off?

    Thanks for the input I might put up a more detailed instructable

    This a very good instructable and also my Dad taught me how to do that.

    I would love to see some more detail (pictures) and description of the process. Like what direction and angle to hold the knife at, etc. This could be a bit more helpful with that information.