Cowardism, our national response to Terrorism, steals my pocket knife every time I go to the airport.
The next day I need to cut a piece of string and Dammit! where's my knife?!! Oh yeah.
My society in an orgy of panic needs it for self-inflicted injuries.

So like any good tool-using ape, I grab whatever knife is handy, rub it on something til it's sharp, and when I'm done opening the letter or whatever, I roll the blade up in a piece of paper, fold the end over, and pretend it's a pocket knife.

Take that, you unelected King George! The founding fathers and I despise your Tyranny!

Photos by Fungusamungus
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Good idea in theory, but the xray machine will still pick up the blade shape. I thought of this a while back, wrap up the knife/blade/pointy thing in tin foil. Fold the foil into a flat square shape. The xray machine will see a square thing that wont look anything like a blade.
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put it in your suitcase - no problem at all. just dont try to bring it along with you onto the plane...
tincanz nomax2 years ago
In the US, we can have knives and things in baggage, as long as we put it in the belly and not carry it on. Guns too.
You are asking for trouble then!
pretty much lol but it would be fun to say something else like "security sucks"
Yeah... "Security Sucks" and there is a knife in your suitcase xD
good idea we're goin to florida sometime during the summer ill have to try this
I don't think the tin foil trick works with newer security systems.
Kryptonite4 years ago
King George deserved that.
radiorental8 years ago
A more general purpose solution is clear 1/2" pvc tube. Cut a length the size of the blade, slit it lengthways and it will bite the blad to keep itself in place. Good for: axes, knives, saws and iceblades as found on the buttboards
TimAnderson (author)  radiorental8 years ago
Hi Pauric! That's a good plan, but howabout polyethylene or polypropylene, which won't make your tumors ache so much? "Never use PVC for anything but potato guns" is one of my main rules of life.
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Actually, pvc works great for potato guns and devices as such... pneumatic cannons, confetti cannons, etc... The main thing is that you have to be sure to use a bonding agent so that the pvc pipes wont come apart during launching. Yikes!
maybe I didnt mean pvc, whatever that clear bending plastic tubing is
hello Tim
There are very sharp half-serrated composite (glass embedded plastic) knives available, but the act of carrying a concealed knife on airline may bring felony charges and a police beatdown at the airport. Your improved butter knife is pretty cool though.
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
It's cowardice, not Cowardism, genius...
xd3m1 missed the humor in the play on words. And he's probably never been to the airport or a courthouse.
rynyip7 years ago
umm...ya...this wont work for my sog seal pup, my knfe will just cut rite throught the paper
Ok, for those that didnt understand the poorly phrased political comment. He meant that airport security takes his pocket knives away from him, leaving him without a pocket knife. So, he takes any old knife, or makes one, and wraps it with paper to make it a pocket knife. And why the politics on instructables?
NinjaAdrien8 years ago
this makes no sense, man
OWNA 668 years ago
"Take that, you unelected King George! The founding fathers and I despise your Tyranny!" What does that have to do with taking a knife onboard a plane? Are you implying that if Bush wasn't president you would be allowed to take knifes onboard planes, you liberal hippy douche?
okto8 years ago
Same song, different damn verse. Electoral college. Democracy within a republic. Tri-branch gov't, checks and balances. Poli sci classes available at all community colleges for a nominal fee.
zachninme8 years ago
Write "I am a terrorist" out using Beanwaur's method. the best way to convince someome hat you are not lieing to them is to tell them you are :-P
what are all those clothes hangers hanging from the celling for??? extra closet space mabey???
I'm guessing a hanging rack for painting/staining. or that "bernouli slalom" that was on here awhile ago.
Neodudeman8 years ago
Hmm. That's pretty neat. Quick and dirty. Interesting
0.775volts8 years ago
And here I was wondering what was making my tumor so painful. What about that black plastic ABS pipe, will that work? I've got alot of that.