Picture of Knife Switch
Sometimes the project is destroyed by the choice of switch.

A simple slide switch has none of the ominous effect of a Knife Switch. An evil switch for an evil project...

The switch needs to be labeled with laser etchings for maximum effect. I could not bring myself to deface it with a simple pen
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Step 1: Materials required

Picture of Materials required
I chose to use copper from old plumbing pipes and made a base from pine slats.

The screws used are brass 10-24 3/4 inch in length

Step 2: Make a base.

Picture of Make a base.
I chose to make a small box from pine slats.

These are 1/4 inch in thickness and about 1.5 inches wide. They come in 48 inch lengths from HD. The length is chosen by the desired characteristics of the switch and the width is 2 pine slats wide plus to pine slat edges.

Finish the inside of all pieces before joining. This is not required but the underside will look once. Assemble and glue the pieces together and sand the outside to remove any imperfections.

The resulting box should be square and sit flat on a surface.
multilis21 days ago

In my opinion should have used all copper or all aluminum rather than mixed, reduces chances of deterioration due to Galvanic corrosion

Random_Canadian (author)  multilis14 days ago
The aluminum was only used as a form and not in the final construction.
Wait, so is the copper tube sliced down the middle and then flattened out? Also, how do you cut the tube?
Random_Canadian (author)  Adambowker982 years ago
I cut the tube into 3 sections with a 24 tooth hack saw then flattened them as shown. I hope that this helps.
Xixfas2 years ago
isnt this a double-pole double-throw switch?
Well done! I love knife switches, but sadly all that I have found are made of plastic...which doesn't look good in any steampunk/mad scientist type project.
Thanks to you posting this little how-to I might just make a few myself ... though I would only use them for low voltage, if need be triggering a relay to control higher voltage...
Thanks. I agree on the plastic bit. They do look terrible. I have added a smaller single knife switch to another project. Check out the Newton's cradle that I made.