Picture of Knife Throwing
DISCLAIMER- I am not responsible for any miss-use of the information within this Instructable. It is intended to be used by adults who are not a risk to themselves or anyone else. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Please take this very seriously, use this skill responsibly and enjoy the sport.

This Instructable is layed out assuming that you know jack-didly about knife throwing.

You may ask yourself, "Why do I need to learn to throw knives?"
Well that's a good question, but the answere is even better...

What if the fall of western civilization knocks on your door tommorrow?
What if zombies.... Okay I'm just joking. (But it could happen ;) )

A good reason to take the time to learn this art is simply because it's fun. Remember when you were a kid learning to play poker for the first time? What about chess? Any game like that really. Why do we play those games? How do they intertain us?

They're a challange. It makes you think about what you're doing, what you want to happen, and why it did or did not happen.

Not to mention that you'll be able to cleave razor sharp shinny things through the air when you're done. (And actually hit what you where aiming at)
is this all stuff you learned from a master, or are you just making this up? cuz i think you're just showing what you think is the right way...
isn't that basically the fundaments of martial arts? a random bloke who fought alot thinking that he was so good because of his moves, showing off to random people who also remembered several moves... then they showed off... ect
well, there's a difference, because there are other people who have hundreds of year's worth of knowledge, and years of experience, so what they learn is perfected knowledge, while this guy's just throwing knives...

he should take classes or something... yes, there are classes for throwing knives...
die_dunkelheit (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
I find that comment repulsive. Get off your high horse and put yourself into perspective. There are easily over a dozen different styles & techniques that I have seen personally, this is just one, so if you don't recognize it and think it's ineffective than you display a great flaw in underestimation. Your comment about the martial arts is correct and incorrect. There is a great Chinese parable about a Master, his Student, and his Techniques: The story basically goes that after three years of training the Student was very pleased that he could perform every movement exactly the same way and with the same feeling as his Master. The Master asked the student to leave and practice on his own for three years and then return to him. After three years of practice the Student returned to see his Master but was ashamed because he had lost the feeling he had three years prior and about one third of the forms are different from what the Master had taught him. The Master said "No Good! Come back after another three years of practice!" So after three more years of practice the Student returned to his Master now even more ashamed to say that he had lost even more feeling of the Masters techniques and that now about two thirds of the Forms were different from what the Master had taught. Again the Master was displeased and sent the Student away to practice for another three years alone. Once Three years had past the student returned with his head hung low, unable to even look his Master in the eye and said "Master I have failed you! Now after these last three years I have lost all of the feeling of your techniques and ALL of the forms are different from what you have taught me." When the Master heard this he laughed loudly and said "Great! You have done well! Now the techniques you have learned are YOURS and NOT MINE anymore." The moral to this story is that creativity in the arts (martial or not) is crucial or the art will "die". The purpose of studying under a Master is to learn the essence of the art, NOT to perfect it. The most important trait for a martial artist to have if he is to "master" an art is the ability to think abstractly. If one technique is used to do only one thing than the art is dead (at least in the particular artist). However, if you can wrap your mind around the essence of an art, it's techniques, and fundamentals, in a way that you can apply them to multiple situations not pointed out by your teacher, than you will master it, this takes incredible time. If you cannot, then you are a cyclic repeater (I do this, you counter like that...every time). This is ultimately the fundamental basis of all of my martial training (Shaolin White Crane, Taijiquan, & Wing Chun). That theory can backfire however if the techniques you develop are inferior to the original than you have lost the essence of the art, which is why it takes time. I was taught the basics of knife throwing and developed through trial and error my own modifications on the techniques. My knife throwing skill is just as proficient as the techniques used by the person who introduced me to knife throwing when I was 9, this is 14 years later.
ok... ok...

i was just saying...
i was just thinking: there are people who have practiced techniques which had hundreds of years to perfect and develop, which is better than some guy who threw knives in his back yard for a "couple of years", you don't have to be so pissed off or anything
die_dunkelheit (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
I'm not mad, quite the contrary. I was simply trying to help you understand that a given amount of time that a technique has been practiced does not matter, but which technique is better in a given situation. Also, you still don't seem to understand that these techniques were taught to me, and over the last 14 years I've made the techniques my own by changing their applications to suit my needs without loosing the effectiveness of the original techniques. So in a way, you are ridiculing the exact practice that has made the martial arts so great. Refer to my statement "The most important trait for a martial artist to have if he is to "master" an art is the ability to think abstractly." Now look at a quote from Grand Master Yip Chun's book "Wing Chun" where he quotes his father Grand Master Yip Man: "The human being should use Kung Fu, it should never be that Kung Fu uses the human being." "...the meaning being that you must apply your Kung Fu freely, flexibly and never restrict the area in which you use a single technique." (quoted from the book "Wing Chun" by Yip Chun)
Gotta love this. I'm just gaining my black belt in taekwondo very soon, and agree that how an individual does something is what makes it art. individualizing is massively important! heck, most of my favorite takedowns stated with me going "hey, that'd hurt a lot", applying it to a takedown, and then testing it with my instructor. Martial arts are beautiful because of their variance yet simultaneously their commonness.
ok i see, but i was wondering if he learned any actual form at all, not just randomly throwing knives in his backyard and telling others about it
die_dunkelheit (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
Seriously? Read the Instructable again, the whole thing stresses repeating the same movements so they may become second nature. In practicing forms you repeat the same series of movements in sequence to develop what's referred to as neuromuscular memory, basically changing your natural reaction to what you've practiced. This is exactly what I was referring to throughout my Instructable.
... you're not getting my point...
Your point is bad. I believe the author gets your point, he simply does not agree because it is poorly thought out and shows very little understanding of martial arts or practiced action in general. If the desired goal is accomplished fully and consistently, the way cannot be wrong. The reason to learn a skill is not to parrot others, but to accomplish something. You don't practice to get good at practicing, you practice to get good at -doing-. Re-read Herr Dunkelheit's story about the master and the student, it contains a good lesson.
die_dunkelheit (author)  okto6 years ago
okto, you've elegantly summed up exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. die Dunkelheit
Hell of a response. Bravo!
lol master?
yeah, like... someone who has mastered it...
if you do karate its a cat stance
I'm almost certain that a leaf thrower is NOT a cat stance, reguardless of martial arts.
You're right. this stance is not like the cat stance, which is also used in tae kwan do, or even a back stance. Unless of course, it is poorly done. A proper cat stance requires the practiconer to shift most of their weight onto their back leg, and their hip pulled back with their front foot barely touching the ground. as for the "L" stance, ive never heard of it. But different schools may use different names for their stances.
It's a cat stance. however, angle of back foot is usually a 90 on most cat stances, at least the one I've been taught in Tiger Rock discipline.
If you do taikwondo its an 'L' Stance
HannesN5 months ago

holy crap, you going to seriously injure yourself or someone else if you hold the knife like you are in the second photo!

JonathanM88 months ago

Where can you buy throwing knives

Londonbrig05 years ago
If you have a very sharp knife how do you make sure not to cut your hand when using the blade grip?

Don't let the knife slide through your hand (I think that's what he means with the "handshake" bit.) You can hold even a razor blade fairly tightly and not get cut, but as soon as it slides sideways even a little it will slice you. The key is to go instantly from holding it to not holding it with as little time in between as possible. (This will also prevent your fingers from catching on the handle when throwing that way, so it's a good thing regardless.)

die_dunkelheit (author)  Londonbrig04 years ago
That's the importance of the "Hand Shake". If your hand is open as to offer or accept a hand shake you should be okay.
Also, really really sharp edges are not so important as really really sharp points. In other words, the edges on each side of a leaf thrower (where you grip it) don't need to be sharp. The point and the edge just forward of the widest part of the blade (see image) should be sharp because this is the area of the blade that actually makes the hole during penetration.
santa_9115 years ago
any tips for kitchen knives? lol
kitchen knives are a big no no.
get some nice thick knives to throw. Kitchen knives are thin flopping fish cutting instruments. The give off a nice TWANG when they hit the targer and the wobble a lot, but if the point bounces off, your mom will soon be able to recognize the dreaded " I've been used for throwing" bends in the knife

the CRKT m16??? are you guys crazy??? it's that 40 dollar folding knife that I trailed after for so long and didn't get. If folders are thrown, they'll most likely break.
I bet if you went through a thrift store, you could find at least a few kitchen knives that are well-balanced. And they're cheap.
Actually you can use good quality heavy kitchen knives, you just need to practice a bit more. I've been throwing knives since I was 4 or 5, my father was an expert knife thrower ( he taught me ) and just as good with a whip.

In fact you can also through forks, spoons, spanners and even hammers, they just take a hell of a lot of practice to get the technique right . With spoons you'll need to sharpen the edge of the bowl (file,grinder etc). Spanners and hammers are generally used as bludgeoning instruments when thrown ( ie hit the target with the F'n heavy end hard ). Throwing axes are good too ( my uncles particular party specialty ).

I learn't to throw forks and spoons basically through laziness and curiosity. At one stage I only had 8 or 9 knives and 5-6 bo shurikin ( throwing spikes ) and got sick of walking back and forth to the target ( 6ft x 3ft box ). Initially I thought what the heck a pen is basically a spike that writes I'll give them a go. The cheapies aren't much chop ( no weight to 'em ) but the heavy metal cased ones can be thrown ( use a dartboard so they stick ) but don't expect to be writing much with them afterwards.

Once I ran out of pens I thought oh well forks are sharp too, I'll give them a go. Working out the balance ( round where the bend in the is normally ) and getting the technique took a while but I got there. After I ran out of forks I thought
gee a spoon is basically a blunt fork without slots ( think spork ) out came the file and the rest is history.

Ps if you do the spoon thing make sure you keep them separate to your regular cutlery after sharpening their edges. Otherwise having a "bloody good feed" will be a literal experience and messy.
macpower2 years ago
I've thrown a LOT of knives and I can attest to one thing - practice with one item from one distance and you can probably get good at hitting a target. I know, I've done it, but when it comes to a life-or-death, self-defense situation, there's really only one thing to remember about knife throwing: everybody ducks! : )
whisp3r3r3 years ago
i'm a knife enthusiast, too... i don't know how to throw a knife but i'm sure as hell gonna try using your tutorial... it's a great thing you've repeated so many times about practicing like a robot... it IS a shitload of practice! thanks for the tut... really cool
TuneAFish3 years ago
I'm pretty sure that's just a standard left-foot forward stance.... But whatever :D
spylock4 years ago
Your last sentance is wise advise for anything one becomes frustrated with.
jackojack124 years ago
This is cool, gonna practise tommorow
i went to a used gun place got 10 sweet throwing knives for $5 can hit a rabbit from 20 yds away
Using these techniques? 20 yards is a good deal, how hard are they hitting?
Enough to kill but i miss 1/2 of the time or my throws are not in the right area so they hop away. But when i hit them they die in 2-5 sec. I have been practicing for awhile and learned to throw them a little bit different.
freerunnin14 years ago
my mate has those exact leaf bladed throwing knives :P they go straight through an inch of wood if thrown hard enough :/
pandaboy2924 years ago
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in the pick a throwing KNIFE you have a picture of a bo shurikin, or "throwing spike" not a knife. but the throwing is the same almost if you do the no spin and brush throw.
theexpert4 years ago
what if you left handed
I think that the weighted ones are for mostly useful for getting used to different knives and their unique balances.
26 feet
ried this with a steak knife i`ve made and i stuck in to a tree (i amied at a treget in front of the tree) but never mind that i was feet awway and sunk to the handle and it was a hard throw
daninja6 years ago
hey, i have that knife!
please could you tell me what knife it is , its awsome!
it's a Boy Scout knife... I dont kow ere you get it. I found it on the ground at camp cedars.
and didnt put it in the lost and found? what kind of boy scout are you?!?!!
I couldn't find the lost and found.
 Isn't that kind of ironic?
die_dunkelheit (author)  daninja6 years ago
the knife I used was a CRKT M16-13Z
I3uckwheat7 years ago
Thanks i tried it with an older pocket knife and missed now the locking thing is broken you can just hold it up side down and it comes out. lol
die_dunkelheit (author)  I3uckwheat7 years ago
Now you know first hand why you want to start learning with cheap knives.
ya it was old but a good knife (heh heh) but i can fix it
i like it better as a protection knife when the locking mechanism dosen't work. u can flick it open with your wrist (really cool) and also as 1 handed use.
die_dunkelheit (author)  thoraxe7 years ago
So in a self defense situation you want the lock to fail and potentially collapse the blade on your fingers?
You've never drawn a knife in self defense have you?
I don't mean to insult you, but it's a bad idea...
I can open all of my knives one handed with working locking mechanisms.
It is something that you should learn to do if you carry a knife for that reason, or if you feel that you may one day have to defend yourself. To not know how to use your knife is like carrying a gun and not knowing how to turn off the safety.
Yeah me too!

There is a special tab on my knife, it opens the spring loaded blade up.

The spring loaded thing broke now, no longer spring loaded D:.
i ment i can do it with working locking mechanisms
well no, i've never drawn one in self defense, but on my knife you can place your finger on a small blank space about 3/8in long, and that will keep the blade in place. i've tested stabbing thick cardboard with it. but alas, i've lost the knife and have no idea where it is, i think my mom took it and hid it.
i can do that
Sounds like you scored a free switchblade then ;D
gateon5 years ago
look at the second picture, those are leaf throwers.
thats not a "torpedo" its called a senbon a japanese throwing spike but other wise good ible
Haha. Stupid naratou fan. just kidding. not really.
given that yes i do watch naruto but ive been throwing this stuff since before naruto came out and when i googled throwing needles i found a website with a history of throwing weapons and it said SENBON not TORPEDO you do realize they didnt know wtf a TORPEDO was back then because it didnt exist so get ur facts straight.
no offence, but if you watch naruto (I'm not being stereotypical), your facts of weapons may be twisted...almost as twisted as people who throw things at domesticated animals
die_dunkelheit (author)  mr.space6 years ago
I totally agree with "mr.space" Modern entertainment is responsible for more misunderstandings and incorrect information being taken as fact than any other source I can think of. For example, go tell 100 people that George Lucas was murdered by someone using a Light Saber, see how many people believe it...
light saber dont exist (well ones capable of killing) so how could george lucas be killed by one ( under breath: crazy nerds...)
The point is exaggerated.
Too many people believe what they see on TV...
kunais are primarily a hand to hand knife not a thrown weapon like naruto uses them for
die_dunkelheit (author)  Masteroffencing6 years ago
Maybe you need to get your facts straight. Torpedo: Origin: 1510–20; < L torpēdō numbness, torpidity, electric ray, equiv. to torpē(re) to be stiff (see torpid 1 ) + -dō n. suffix (dictionary.reference.com) The word "Torpedo" has been around since the early 1500's, the Naval weapon that you re referring to was actually named for the electric ray that it resembles with it's cylindrical body tapered at each end. So from this we can easily see how someone could relate another device to the name based on it's appearance. Honestly, who cares what it's called? It's a throwing spike.... Throwing spikes have been developed independently by several cultures, not just the Japanese (who probably got the idea from the Chinese). For example the word "Ha" refers to the cutting edge of a sword in Japanese (not just katanas...), an Englishman would call it the "Edge" or "Cutting Edge". If a Japanese man saw an English Longsword he'd still call the edge "Ha" because "Ha" is the word used by the Japanese to describe a cutting edge and is specific to the LANGUAGE NOT THE DEVICE. If today you met a German who asked for some "Wasser" would you correct him and say "No it's called 'Water' not "Wasser." Probably not, but that's what you're doing here...
It's a torpedo...
the torpedo is a SENBON made by cold steel
ok so that's what they call it but its still a senbon by Origen
Nope. Senbon means "a thousand needles" and it's correct name is Bo-Shuriken. Senbons are just the name of the needles Haku uses in Naruto. Sorry if I'm rude, but you're really wrong, so before you even try to make a statement, get your dang facts straight.
No it's not. A Senbon is just a name for the throwing needles Haku uses in Naruto. Senbon really means " a hundred needles ". Naruto is a great show but try not to confuse reality with it.
sona Camisado6 years ago
Not to mention the fact that senbon is JAPANESE
whist torpedo is english.
whats a leaf thrower
Speedmite6 years ago
I thew a sharpened cleaver that was found in an old barn. it was just about impossible to get it to NOT hit.
can you throw a buck seath knife? and also how do you find the balance point?
Jais19936 years ago
Thanks for the guide! Much helpful to get started! Btw, peeps, don't throw a knife near a radiator... Pinched a hole in mine. Was a hell to fix.
does it really matter that much with knifes like this:?
cool knifes
tanks, yes, I meant tanks
ravebot6 years ago
now you can cut people from far away
great instructable ive always wanted to learn....
i actually do practice throwing knives, and what you said in this instructable is a really good simplified version of the mathamatic equations i do in my head for range finding, great job! also it is good to make your own knives, (i make mine out of steel strapping), it lets you feel like the knife is a part of your body, know don't get me wrong, other knives are good, but the simple throwing knives i grind out are preferably better(never made an instructable before, but maybe it will be my first!) Great Job!
i have the zytle (sp) version of that knife i love it. i tried to make a throwing knife out of a old kitchen knife it works sorta. i need to work on getting the pointy end in the fence.
Ps Id like to know more about finding a knife thats balanced right
I found that at the end of the summer, a lot of the discount stores sell foam boogie boards at really low prices and they make excellent, blade-saving targets. The foam doesn't bend the blade or nick up the edge. . .missing and bouncing off of rocks and concrete does though. Two things: 1) As a self-defense technique, very few circumstances would occur where you'd want to throw away your weapon. Knife throwing is fun, but can be perceived as an 'anti-social' activity. I wouldn't advise practicing in your front yard for the neighborhood's entertainment. 2) For a challenge, try throwing with your "weak" arm. I've found that I can stick into the target harder with my right, but after practice, I'm more accurate with my left. Your mileage may vary.
die_dunkelheit (author)  gezortenplotz7 years ago
The problem with using this for self defense is not throwing away your weapon, it's that people don't understand it. You'd be really stupid to throw your knife if you only had one, but if you've got 3, or six as I do, that's not a problem. You also have to understand that these things are freakishly sharp, and pretty heavy, it's not hard to kill someone with one. For example, I've thrown my heavier knives clean through a bail of hay. Yes, actually throwing them is a last option, but it's a good one if your life depends on it.
I've never even heard of using this for self defense. My uncle hunts rabbits with throwing knives though.
die_dunkelheit (author)  freakmonkey7 years ago
A friend of mine killed a rabid dog with a knife similar to my smaller leaf throwers. Basically what happened was the dog approached growling and looking like he was ready to strike, my friend not wanting rabies shots drew his knives and threw. The knife penetrated to the end of the handle right through it's heart. A perfect throw, he actually had to get pliers to get a grip on the end of the handle because there was so little of it exposed. Apparently the dog had been roaming his neighborhood for some time and had scratched up and bitten a kid, Animal Control showed up within a few minutes of the kill looking for the dog. He barely had time to get his knife back. They made a report, took his statement, and said thank you. Yes they actually said Thank You! Throwing knives can be and are used for self defense. Never throw your last knife, if you've gone through 2 of 3 or 5 of 6 than throwing your last knife or even second to last knife is a ridiculous notion. Also never count on only one method or means of self defense, for example: some people are, or can be trained to be, unaffected by pepper spray, which is the single most widely used/prepared method of self defense. (how many women have you seen with pepper spray in their purse or on their key chains?) Only an expert knife thrower should consider it as a defensive tactic, and for the expert thrower it is certainly a viable option.
my uncle told me he killed a deer with a knife. He said he was hunting deer with a bow and shot the deer in the hind leg it took off so he climbed out of his tree stand and chased it. When he hunted he carried a buck knife and 3 throwing knives. He told me that he walked through a bush and the deer was standing about 5ft in front of him it was a buck and it charged him. Then he said he grabbed a throwing knife and threw it into the deer's skull. I don't know if i should believe him or not so i was wandering what u thought
it all depends on the velocity of the knife combined(multiplied by) the charging buck. i have no doubt that this could have happened however if it did or not is a completely different story
I use pepper spray as hot sauce.
O_O O_o o_O 0_0 o_o o_0 0_o O_0 0_O
EnigmaMax7 years ago
you can throw screwdrivers like this too
vincek497 years ago
use to have some leaf throwers... sigh
brian2507 years ago
if we are over run by the bad guys and they want my money or my life i will have to say take my life because im saving for a bike and i could only manage to throw a tantrum anyrate
bowmaster7 years ago
I took out a charging lion with a throwing knife ===jk===
i prefer leaf throwers
A few tips from a real expert. Never throw indoors to begin unless you want holes in the wall.Never use a throwing knife in a defense of yourself or someone else unless you really know what your doing,aka,a lot more than this instructables teaches.Never,EVER,throw a pocket knife or folder at anything harder the cardboard,styrofoam,etc..They are made of stainless steel,too brittle to be thrown at wood.They can and will shatter,leaving you with no knife and flying bits of sharp metal.Die_dunkelheit,you should have mentioned that.You could have endangered people.And if there's anything that you don't understand,PM me and I'll clear it up. Nice to meet you,guys.
newman86687 years ago
why are your knives so good for throwing
die_dunkelheit (author)  newman86687 years ago
Actually, none of those look like very "good" throwers. None of them fit my criteria, although they could be thrown as I said in the "Picking a knife to throw" section that "You can technically throw any knife with a suitable balance point." (Read it before buying a throwing knife) but I would strongly suggest to get a purpose made thrower.
thoraxe7 years ago
hey your hammer grip is incorrect :) that grip will damage up your wrist, arm and thumb.Here's a site: http://www.twinoaksforge.com/BLADSMITHING/Get%20a%20(Hammer)%20Grip.htm that shows u correct hammer grip. JUst telling u :)
die_dunkelheit (author)  thoraxe7 years ago
I am an expert swordsman, I know quite well how to hold the knife correctly... The issue was in taking that picture being right handed thus using the camera in my right hand and the knife in my left hand the angles of my arms were funny and I didn't realize that I wasn't holding it right, especially considering that I never throw left handed... (which I should work on) NO, you will not harm yourself throwing a knife in that manner, there is simply not enough weight to effect any part of your body in that way. However, if you were to swing a sword or hammer, or swing a knife and strike something (with it still in your hand) than Yes you can hurt yourself. You'll jar or sprain at the worst... Thank you for locating a proper illustration of the "Hammer Grip"
i know i know i was just saying thats not a correct hammer grip :)
thoraxe thoraxe7 years ago
http://anvilfire.com/iForge/ Scroll down to #6 Hammer Control Featuring Dippy Duck!
Supercoke7 years ago
I3uckwheat7 years ago
can you use pocket knives?
die_dunkelheit (author)  I3uckwheat7 years ago
If it balances well enough and the handle isn't too wide. I used a pocket knife in the Instructable...
die_dunkelheit (author)  die_dunkelheit7 years ago
Folders are usually not the best thing to learn on, and don't pick an expensive knife to start throwing with, you'll mess it up.
newman86687 years ago
does the knife u throw with matter
die_dunkelheit (author)  newman86687 years ago
You can technically throw any knife as long as it balances at a reasonable point (usually within the middle third of the overall length of the knife), and the knife has enough weight to it, pick one out with a heavy enough tip so that it won't bend or break as easily. Other than that, follow "step 1" and you should be fine. Like I said in "step 1" I'd suggest "leaf throwers" for your first throwing knives.
sinny7 years ago
i tried this and it didnt work at first probably because i didnt repeat enough but i kept on trying and now i can hit my target and have it stick in it from about 20 ft and i have killed a couple of birdies:]
die_dunkelheit (author)  sinny7 years ago
Do you mean that: -You tried this method? -You tried knife throwing in general? -You tried a knife that I featured in the instructable?
yes I tried both the hammer grip and blade grip and i used the type of knife you recommended the leaf thrower.
die_dunkelheit (author)  sinny7 years ago
This method is my preferred method of throwing, using both the blade and hammer grips alternatingly, I'm glad to see that you have been successful.
WHY ARE YOU THROWING SUCH KNIFE?????!?!?! thats a great way do dammage it! i would go and but sevral cheep knives instead of ruining you're nice CRKT.
Because it's a cardboard box... Otherwise yes you are correct, I do not throw my nicer knives because of the risk of folding the tip over. No, cheap throwing knives are just that, cheap. Mine are either old leaf springs or old files, such knives are not cheap, and don't break like cheap stainless ones. My knives would've gone through that box and probably the back-stop that I had rigged up. I also had just moved and didn't feel like digging my throwers out of a box that was lost in the space / time continuum....
Fengathor7 years ago
Awesome Instructable. One thing I would like to see if possible is a little bit on the tip pinch type throw. I don't have much experience with knife throwing, but the little I've done i used the tip pinch type. I tried the handle method and didn't get very far but that was more of the not practicing thing. But if you can I'd like to see more on that. +1
die_dunkelheit (author)  Fengathor7 years ago
Thank you for the comment, and the +1. My situation on the tip pinch is very similar to your's, I don't like it so I don't practice using that method. I'll try to get in some quality time with my knife soon and I'll work on it. So expect an Instructable on that and maybe the Japanese style as well. I'm also brewing a few ideas on how to make some real quality throwing spikes, so all of that might get jumbled into a couple future Instructables.
pas123347 years ago
would paring knifes work because i use those
die_dunkelheit (author)  pas123347 years ago
Paring knives? I don't see why not if they balance reasonably. The pairing knives that I have are pretty light weight, if yours are too, than your range and penetration will suffer, along with accuracy (which is far more important BTW). If I were you, I'd pick something with a bit more weight.
i took your advice and went to a thrift store. they had one knife that was balanced and had a curved handle i bought it then tested it out, it worked perfectly every time i would throw it, thanks
thrake7 years ago
For knife weight, about an ounce per inch is good. Any lighter and the knife will 'flutter'.
Wow, I never knew it was this hard... I thought you just had to throw it. :P But anyways, nice Instructable! Very descriptive and detailed.
ll.137 years ago
Pretty good. =)

I throw into trees though.... xD
Okay the very last line is a big problem for me, I have a rabbit, it will now have to endure half an hour of me throwing kinves at it... lol I remember during a big clear out my brother and I having a knife throwing competition and repetition is definitely the key, I learnt that in shooting, you're alot better than me though, then again I learnt with a steaknife... Nice instructable, great tips and pictures, video would be nice but we already know you can throw knives... +1
CameronSS7 years ago
Excellent pictures and descriptions. Any chance for a video?
die_dunkelheit (author)  CameronSS7 years ago
Maybe, I'll have to borrow a video camera for that, but I'll try.