Step 3: Stance and Facing

Picture of Stance and Facing
This is where Stance and Facing come in.
Knife throwing is about repetition, one of the things you must learn to repeat like a robot is your stance.

You Start by selecting your throwing arm, so if you're right handed go with that, and opposite for you lefties. Since I'm right handed, we'll go with that, so lefties just do the opposite.

Your feet should almost be in-line at the heels, with the feet turned outward around 45 degrees from each other. Your back foot is the side that's throwing (my right foot), and the front foot is the non-throwing side (my left). There should be one foot length between your feet (your foot, not the measure).

You want your shoulders square to the target. In other words you should face durectly at it. Your weight should be on the BALL of your REAR foot (the ball of your ankle)
TuneAFish3 years ago
I'm pretty sure that's just a standard left-foot forward stance.... But whatever :D
if you do karate its a cat stance
If you do taikwondo its an 'L' Stance