Picture of Knife from recycled materials
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This is a knife I made from salvaged and recycled materials. The blade is an old kitchen knife that is reshaped and re edged. The crossguard is part of a graphics card holder. All the leather is from an old la-z-boy. The sheath uses aluminum flashing and copper wire from a transformer. Also, in the sheath there is a hard drive magnet to hold the knife in. Fell free to ask me any questions you may have.
Mcpowell11 month ago
Omg you turned a kinfe into a knife!!!!!!!! Mind blown
badwooki3 years ago
pictures are good ... how bout showing how it was done
MMoyce4 years ago
barnsaw4 years ago
A knife made from.... a knife!!! Holy Toledo!
superjail35 years ago
 can u send me instructions? btw AMAZING
bllwdcrvr5 years ago
Excellent piece for what might have been discarded...
That is a rather mean knife. Can I have the note now? ☺ ; j
catter446 years ago
u need to make a instructable
Foogaler6 years ago
Knife making is honestly not hard. I made one today out of boredom for like 5$ and 45min of my time...However by the looks of this he OBVIOUSLY very experienced in knife making and very talented...Great job man.
Marche6 years ago
I has a question. Can I have that $20? I need to make some cash before we go to that show tomorrow :S
Flashflint (author)  Marche6 years ago
Ill sell you the $20 dollars for the bargain price of $25 dollars... On the grounds that it has touched my awesome knife.
can I get two tens for a five?
how did u make this awesome weapon
citason6 years ago
THAT IS AWSOME...and envirmently friendly lol
noahs6 years ago
totally awesome. the coolest.
storm7686 years ago
yo right when i saw that i got a knife and did it but yours is way better!!
storm7686 years ago
sites236 years ago
dude,do you have atutorial on this
Flashflint (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for all the kind words!
duck-lemon6 years ago
You should make this into an instructable! It's so good it deserves to be remade and remade again.
Well to be honest this is one of the better and more well made knives on instructables, it's a refreshing break from all the "prison" weapons you see around.
8bit6 years ago
very nice.