Knifeless is lifeless, or so I have been told.
I was so lucky as to get a knifeblade stuffed into my hands and was told "go make a handle for it, you'll need it in your later education".
So I began, and here is the result of this process: an instructable :) (and a functionally knife, but that's another story)

First a great thanks for my teacher, I went right into the most advanced design I could, and he supported me the whole way. If not for his unfeeling remarks I would have given up.

Now, for this design you'll need:
 - a knifeblade
 - paper and pencil
 - a lump of a hard type of wood, bigger than the desired handlesize
 - a horn, preferably buffalo
 - copperplate
 - a saw
 - a sawblade for a compass saw
 - a drill, if possible a drill press
 - a rough file
 - sandpaper in different grains
 - two-component epoxy glue
 - linseed oil

Please read the instructable through, before beginning on the projekt.
I am in no way reliable for any accidents happening while following these instructions. Some of the tools are dangerous, please mind your fingers and eyes.
Do not misuse the knife for any violent or criminal activity.

Step 1: Initial Design

Before I chose the wood for the knifehandle I outlined the knifeblade on some paper. Then I began drawing the initial design for the knife I wished to end up with.

Play around with it a little, it will probably not end up exactly as planned, but then you have an idea as to what your goal is.
When pleased with the design, find the materials needed.

Tip: If in doubt on how the handle would fit in your hand, take some playdough and make a roll. Then take it in your hand an squeeze as if you held a knife, the size of the squeezed playdough shows the size your hand is most comfortable with.

lump of wood: a technical term
a very nice knife handle ! Instead of a leather sheath how about a wooden one made like the handle? cut the wood in half, chisel out the blade recess, add a small magnet and glue back together then shape. Be a nice little knife for a pocketbook or hung from a lanyard
good idea. I am most for the leather sheath on this one, though I might try a wood sheath if I get the chance to make another knife :)
I had a very similar design in mind with some birds-eye maple and either brass or stainless steel sheet stock. Seeing yours come to life like this gives me a little more faith in my initial thoughts. Very beautiful knife, Jerina! <br>Your teacher has good taste in knife blades. Brusletto is an excellent maker.<br><br>Do a Googld search for &quot;Scandinavian knife sheath&quot; or &quot;pouch sheath&quot; and you'll come up with several different websites and makers methods for constructing a sheath that would be appropriate for a knife like yours. Pick one that suits your skill level and go at it!
thanks :) and I really hope that your knife will be succesful too. <br>Be careful with the glue though, I lost many hours because I had to reglue the whole thing :S <br>Best of luck to you :)
looks great now all that is left is to make a sheath
Indeed, I've got the leather cut, but I have school off for the holidays, so no access to the tools :( <br>I'll make a instructable on it when it's done :)
super fin kniv :) godt arbejde :)
this is very well done. where did the blade come from?
it's from a compagny called Brusletto in Norway, the blade is called &quot;Trollungen&quot;. <br>I got it from my teacher at my school as a part of workshop class. <br>Hope you are inspired :)

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